Is this time different?

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One of those days

Long, boring, I-need-a-life day. Too hot to go out, engaged to look after granny (90, blind) this evening, not losing weight for the moment, with pending work-related tasks which I don’t want to think about. And I feel my tummy is all bloated… As you see, not much of a buddy today! But anyway, I did not go off my food plan –though I stared a little at the icecream in the fridge– and keep hopeful.

It is not that I just hope to lose weight. I hope some day my like will be more exciting than now, in a way. I have a tendency to overlook achievements and to focus on unattained goals… Bad attitude, isn’t it?

I am making a short trip to a nearby town to visit my married son this weekend. That will give it some variety to my life… And will be a challenge to my diet. More on this soon!

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By susana
On January 18, 2012
At 10:41 am
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janeemosher Says:

you’re facing the same issues as i am. boredom. used to eat my way thru boredom but now i’m trying to find things to keep me busy… thanks for the comment – yes, you are right. all in moderation. i am just being lazy and NO excuses! do you get biggest loser on television there? sending hugs to you. we are having ice storms, heavy snow, and freezing temperatures. i was supposed to fly to california yesterday but didn’t make it. maybe on friday? LOL..have a great weekend! xoxo

susana Says:

I get several programs on weight loss, but as it is the summer here, they have not started yet. We will watch in 2012 you 2011 shows, I suppose, or maybe 2010 shows.
Yes, you are right about boredom! I had not thought about it! Food used to be fun, and not I need to find another way of having fun! As soon as this awful heat subsides I will start Zumba classes… Enjoy your weekend too!


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