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Another lunch and a new achievement

I have a lunch buddy who is also a friend and a co-worker. When we have some free time we have lunch together… After a light dish, we used to go for icecream and coffee or order dessert at the restaurant. Today we met for out first 2012 lunch, and we ordered salad as usual. My salad had pinapple in it, which left untouched. When the waitress came for our plates I told her I was keeping the pinapple as dessert… My friend ordered icecream, and as she ate that I ate my pineapple pieces. Then we ordered coffee, the bill, and that was it. I never mentioned I was on a diet, and she did not ask either. Again, I confirm that when I ordered fattening food and blamed others for my choice, I was SO wrong. You can enjoy a delicious meal and a nice moment with somebody you love and not have pasta or pizza. Isn’t that fantastic? It gives me some hope about the possibility of maintaing after I lose the weight.

Today, then: yoghurt for breadfast; fish, celery and hearts of palm for lunch; pineapple for dessert; nuts as snack… and heading for a steak and onions dinner.

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By susana
On January 17, 2012
At 3:45 pm
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