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Low cal dressings, finally

For years –and I am not exaggerating– I thought I would prepare two dressings I know I like and are good to me. Though they are fairly easy and cheap, I never prepared them. Today I made them and included them in my lunch:

Salad dressing: We don’t have sauces or mayo in salads in my country; we generally add oil, vinegar or lemon and salt. My new salad dressing is made of balsamic vinegar, and instead of olive oil I add liquid vaselin, which I keep in a bottle with olives inside to give it some taste. It was delicious and hopefully it will help me digest food more quickly, if you know what I mean.

Tartar sauce: just light mayo processed together with pickled vegetables. Easy, fresh and light. I added a generous spoonful to my lean steak.

If they are so simple and easy to make, why did I take years to make them? Today I was home alone for lunch, and for the first time I COOKED for myself: steak, arugula salad, these dressings. Simple, but far better that what I would have eaten last year –probably bread, cheese, icecream and cookies.

I am walking a lot these days, and eating right. I still feel the “tug” of sweet treats when I experience frustration, but I can fight it. Thanks to all of you for the way you collaborate, though blogs and forums, with this marvellous moment in my life!

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By susana
On January 16, 2012
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expat Says:

vaselin? Not vaseline?
I’ve started eating salads regularly as well – growing up we always had things like thousand island or heavy dressings. Now I alternate my oils – mainly between pumpkin seed oil (yum) and flaxseed oil (not so yum) – but only a drizzle (about 5-10 grams tops).
And balsamic vinegar – yum! Another thing I’ve discovered is a sprinkling of lemon-pepper seasoning does a salad wonders on the flavor front.

susana Says:

Yes, vaseline, sorry. If you keep it with chopped olives it tastes a lot like olive oil, and has no calories. Many laxatives capsules contain vaseline, so imagine if you add a spoonful to your salad. I don’t take that much, but I am using it instead of oil. We don’t have the oils you mention in my country… Pity!

expat Says:

I didn’t know vaseline was edible – I thought it was poisonous! Then again, my step-father used flaxseed oil to seal the wooden shingles on our house when I was growing up.
Still, eating mineral oil products seems so bizarre. But if it works …

susana Says:

It is edible, it has not taste at all and many laxative capsules contain precisely vaseline. My nutritionist suggested to me years ago preparing this “olive oil” based on vaseline, and I never did it! Now I finally got to prepare it. I am not using much, just in case I have a nasty accident away from home.


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