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Today it was cottage cheese for breakfast, veal, onions and a banana for lunch, no tea yet after six hours –heading straight for dinner, which is hard to believe in a grazer. I confirmed what I understood yesterday: if as soon as I think of food when not hungry I do some insight, I can tell what is going wrong. Today it was frustration with a text I am writing, which is giving me a lot of trouble and which is threatening to take up my summer holidays. But again, though I could undestand that and refrain from eating by promising to call it a day as soos as possible and to go on working tomorrow, I still fear what will happen when I can’t say “enough” because I am at work and dealing with problems which won’t wait for my emotions to be in control to hit.
I also found myself thinking about eating something “harmless” just to calm down, but I dismissed the idea as counterproductive to my purposes: If I am trying not to eat when not hungry, even eating lettuce would go against the idea; and lettuce may lead to tomato, tomato to apple, apple to apple pie.
We’ll see how things develop. For the time beign, let me give myself a round of applause for not even thinking of the icecream in the fridge –except for this moment, of course!

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By susana
On January 5, 2012
At 3:15 pm
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makemeskinny Says:

hey susana. im the same as you i think of food all the time and then i literally have to pull myself away from the fridge. me and my boyfriend went shopping today so i could get my weight watcher meals and we happened to go down the chocolate isle, bearing in mind chocolate is my worst let down, and i felt my stomach screaming out ‘i need that’ ‘i need that’ but then i stopped and i thought about all the calories in that chocolate bar and what it would do to my diet and i just turned and walked away. i find when im hungry if i have a glass of water or a piece of fruit it helps. do not give in to temptation. you can do this


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