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The benefits of a good walk

I have started to notice that walking makes me tired enough to go to sleep without much trouble, to the point of oversleeping a little –I am on holiday, so that is OK!
I have had trouble sleeping since my divorce. I can sleep through the night without waking, but I (used to?) find it difficult to turn off the TV and the light, so much so that my kids ended up doing both things themselves when they found me asleep in the small hours. I felt afraid of the dark and of the silence that set in when you go to sleep.
These days, that I am walking that much and that frequently, I just turn everything off in a jiffy and go to sleep instantly!
As to food, I have found the best breakfast for me is youghurt. We do not have big breakfasts in my country, because we have supper very late in the evening, around 10. So, youghurt for me! Now I have to plan lunch! I am thinking of a huge salad with diet dressing, some cheese and fruit…

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By susana
On January 3, 2012
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