Post Haste

August 4th, 2011

Hoping I can rip through this post “post haste” without a phone call interruption.

To explain, the last two times I sat down to update this cob-webby blog, the phone rang. First call was from my Ears/Nose/Throat doctor who wanted me to have a cat scan of my throat. I’ve had a sore throat since early Spring, went on a few doses of antibiotics, went to three different docs, gargled with peroxide & some type of sticky-sweet yellow stuff. Still had it. Ramp up the worrying to new unheard of levels as I waited a week to get the results of the scan. I was positive I had throat cancer because I smoke. I took out all my old worries from my bout of breast cancer (see several posts below) and reviewed them in earnest.

Heh! Turns out I am really AM an old fossil. My throat hurts because the ligaments in my neck by my tonsils have calcification on them. Doc could opporate, but he doesn’t like to because it’s so close to sort of important arteries and nerves. Actually, my throat feels a lot better knowing that it’s not cancer. And yes, I have my prescription for Chantix, to help me quit the evil weed.

The second phone call, as I tried to write mind-boggling interesting factoids in my blog, was from DH who was lying in the ER with chest pains. Turns out it was indigestion ~ whew! We keep trying to make our kid an orphan.

I think I have a few more gray hairs as I sit to write this entry. I sure am grateful for all the bullet-dodging though. Plus, all my drawers are clean now.

4 Responses to “Post Haste”

  1. waistingtime Says:

    So glad neither was serious!

  2. patty Says:

    Scary stuff! I know what you mean about the smoking. It’s so hard to quit. I quit for about 8 or 9 months but finally picked it up again because I can’t get DH to even try to quit and he won’t go outside so I’m exposed to it all the time. His fault that I relapsed. Right?

    Anyway, the Chantix really helped. I’m going to quit again but hate to spend the big bucks for Chantix…maybe I should?

    Sooo glad you and the Hubs are okay!

  3. munchberry Says:

    Ho. Really good news Susan. So doc did not want to cut your carotid huh? Fancy that. That calcification? What can they do? I wonder if it is the same thing I saw on TV where there were these giant white permanent things on people’s tonsils. Can;t they remove the tonsils? My sister had calcification in her neck and glands in her throat. I wonder if that is the same. That was a long time ago. Can’t remember if they did anything. I think she stopped salivating or something. I think she had long term irritation and they built up? My brain! Where is the info??

    Anyhoo rambly me. I will ask her if you want.

    So glad you are OK. But I am sure you want it to go the hell away.

    Also, good that hubby went to the ER. Men ignore and it can be something bad.

    Kid still has to workable parents! Yay!

  4. susan Says:

    Hey Miz Munch~

    Thanks for the comment ~ I still have a sore throat but it’s MUCH less bothersome now that I know what it is. My brain is more scattered than usual when I’m at a doctor’s. After the doc told me what it was, I was too full of relief to query him further about it. Silly me. I’ll give him a call when I get over being relived about it and instead become annoyed about it 🙂

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