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How do you use your electric lawn mower

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

We received a electric lawn mower as a gift (it a second hand mower) my husband has been using it for several months. The only way he can use it without cutting the electrical cord is pushing and pulling the mower with one hand while pulling, pushing, picking the cord with the other. Most have a handle that from one side to the other, so that the cord stays on the same side of the mower, and you don have to walk backward, or drag the mower both of which can be dangerous. Check your mower to see if it has a hinge at the bottom, where the handle attaches to the mower. If so, then you should also have a lever that will unlock the handle and allow you to flip it over to the other side.

Once you figure that out: start mowing closest to where you plugged in, and walk away from it; make sure that where the cord plugs into the handle stays closest to the in point at your house. Then, as you mow further away, the cord stays on the grass that already been mowed. Pls click here

It’s good to mow the green

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Along with the green and lush, however, we also have had the cold, the damp and the wind. It best lawn tractor has been windy, too. Strictly speaking, then, the city is green, lush, cold, damp, cloudy and windy. But for now, let’s focus on the greenness and the lushness.Our own yard, for instance, has never been greener or lusher. My wife has the flower beds looking like Butchart Gardens, but without any fear of being trampled to death by geezers. Being trampled by geezers is worse than being trampled by stampeding cattle because death comes so much more slowly. With minimal snow cover and repeated freezing and thawing, she feared the dormant plants would be freezedried. In fact, they came up this spring better than ever. It’s as if they were protected under a dome of fretfulness.Our lawn, too, is doing famously. It had been looking a bit thin and patchy in recent years, but we fertilized this spring and it took off. Now we have to mow almost every other day. This confirms yet again the prime directive of lawn care: Never fertilize.With the mowing days behind due to rain, our grass now is approaching midcalf level. Instead of mowing, it soon will need swathing and baling. At least our mower is up to the job. This is the most powerful mower that you can legally operate without a seat and a drink holder. If you were to go into battle armed with husqvarna mower just one lawn and garden power tool, you would want this mower, especially if your enemies were thin and green and about five inches tall.At the other end of the lawn mower spectrum the pitiful end is the reel type push mower. With no engine, it runs on sweat, blisters and drudgery. Even so, you often see guys at the home improvement store taking these mowers for a quick test push.”Hey, this is easy,” they always say.Sure, it’s easy. On the perfectly level smoothness of a sealed concrete floor, the reel mower glides like an air hockey puck. But try pushing it uphill through damp grass that someone, against all reason, has fertilized. Then it’s more like pushing on a handle bolted to a brick wall. Russian serfs didn’t work that hard.Another alternative is the electric lawn mower. These actually are not too bad for cutting grass. Unfortunately, they’re even better for cutting extension cords. But don’t worry. Repairing a severed cord is easy. Just twist the bare wires together, secure them with 1,000 or so wraps of black electrical tape and you’re ready to . BZZZAAAP!Incidentally, of all the various types of mowers, the most environmentally friendly is the Shetland pony. The least environmentally friendly mower is a Sikorsky S92 executive helicopter, with bathroom, wet bar and luxury seating for nine, flying upside down.In spite of the abundant rain and the regrettable distribution of fertilizer, there is one far corner of our lawn that never needs mowing. best lawn mowers 2013 So thoroughly shaded by trees and by fencing is this corner that no plants will grow there. Not even the most invasive of weeds can survive in the perpetual darkness. With our landscaping options thus limited, we have left the corner in its natural state of damp organic matter.