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Mow more green this season with a better lawn mower

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

lawn mower reviews are welcoming summer with open arms. is still seeing signs of Jack Frost and are hoping spring comes soon. For the rest of us that are in the middle of spring are thinking ahead to summer yard work and with that comes a lot of lawn care some of us don’t take a second thought in pulling out our gaspowered lawn mowers and cutting the grass. It’s almost like a habit to pull it out, check the oil, fill the gas, and go, but what are we really doing besides just cutting the lawn?Gaspowered mowers, when operated for one hour, give off the same amount of pollution as 11 cars being operated for the same amount of time. The hassle with a gaspowered mower is also the gas and the oil too. Not only are gas mowers nonecofriendly they also contribute to the global warming crisis as well. But with that, some people are at a loss of what the best mower is for the job and one that can actually handle a job like mowing the lawn. Here is a list of some of the best mowers for your lawn needs and ones that are actually okay for the environment.

1. Reel Mowers: These mowers have been around since the time they were invented in 1827 by Edwin Budding. The first reel mowers were made to help the maintenance and upkeep of sports turf, and it was made to help lessen the effort and replace the scythe Reel mowers are pretty much the best alternative to gas mowers for the main reason they don’t run on gas or require oil that can leach into the environment. The downside to a reel mower is the fact that they operate strictly from your own power. But the plus side is, you get exercise while mowing the lawn at the same time. Here are two reel mowers to consider.

a. Brill Razorcut 38 push reel mower: This reel mower is a light weight mower weighing in at 17 pounds. The mower offers a cut of about 1/2 to 2inch cut and 15inch width of cut from the blades. You will get about 8 to 10 years of life from the blades before having to sharpen them once again. This mower runs about $235.

b. Scotts Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower: This mower is a quickuse reel mower and offers a cut height of one inch to three inches and can easily be adjusted on the wheel base. This mower is a great reel mower to tackle thicker grasses and offers a 2yearwarranty. This mower runs about $115.

2. Electric Battery Mower: Most people frown on electric mowers for the simple fact of the cord. Hauling an extension cord around the yard as you mow is a big bummer and some worry that they will run over the cord in the process too. So why not try a batterypowered mower instead. A batter mower offers the same easy of use as a corded model without the cord and the worry of hitting the cord. Battery mowers came into the mower scene when people wanted a quieter approach to the loud gas mower. Here are two electric battery mowers to consider.

a. Greenworks Cordless 16in 2in1 Lawn Mower: This mower is cordless and offers a 40v battery that gets the job done after a 24 hr. charge. This mower runs about $285$430.

b. Earthwise Battery Electric Lawn Mower: This mower offers ease of use with a collection bag for the clippings while mowing. This mower also offers safety blade control to help with safety issues while mowing around lawn furniture or delicate plants and trees. This mower runs about $290.

3. Solar Mower: Solar mowers aren’t as popular as other mowers, but they should be. Solar mowers are the best when it comes to mowing and relying on the power of the nothing more than the sun and you, a perfect combination. Solar mowers are not used for residential lawns that much mainly because of their price, which can range up to the thousands and even more. Some solar mowers feature an auto mode that mow the lawn without you even being present and some of the models will actually redock them self back into the recharging station without even needing human assistance. To learn more about solar mowers visit Solar Mowing.

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