Giving Up on the Site

June 17th, 2013

I thought it would be a short term problem that would be quickly resolved, but since it hasn’t, this seems redundant, so I won’t be posting anymore.

Just an update, in case you are passing by:

My staph infection turned out to be something else—a sulfite allergy. Found out the hard way: a biopsy, a bone X-ray and then a severe enough allergic reaction to a Cetaphil and toothpaste to almost kill me. Now, I’m on the no sulfites or anything even close diet and lifestyle plan. Very expensive to find products without the chemicals; certainly no more junk or processed foods, wine, potatoes, coconut, breads—but, I can drink gin, eat meats (unprocessed) and fruits and vegetables.

I’m betting I lose those 25 pounds pretty quickly.

Makeup and personal items are a lot more difficult to find and of course, expensive. Anyhow, it certainly fits in with a million little nagging issues I’ve been having, so I’m okay with it all. I’ve been three days in to avoiding everything, new detergents, soaps, shampoos and I feel better than I he in years.

Hope everyone prospers and attains their goals.

Busy, Busy, Busy

May 30th, 2013

Well, I’m getting over the whole comment situation. I just sent an email so we will see what happens with that, if not, I may move over to blogger, but I have another blog there and my LinkedIn account and Google accounts are all tied in with my professional life, so I’m not really sure I want to do that. We will see.

My face is doing tremendously better. I still have one suspicious spot that I will return to the dermatologist for if it isn’t healed and gone by Monday. In the meantime, I finish my antibiotics today and the sun spots she froze off have finally disappeared.

Food has been so/so and exercise has been hit or miss. I am so busy with work and just turned a huge corner. I am actually well on my way to making a very good living this year thanks to picking up one big, regular client and tomorrow morning, I have a meeting where I could possibly pick up another. That’s very exciting to me, so fingers crossed.

I’m also still in the mix of possibly getting funded for the technical writing certificate program I would like to take. I was supposed to find out yesterday, but since I didn’t, I suppose I will hear something either today or Friday. The first class starts Monday.

Alright. Sunnydaze, I decided to take the squat challenge since I know I can fit that into my glued to my office lifestyle. Thanks for the idea.

So, I went to the dermatologist’s office yesterday fully prepared to have a biopsy and deal with skin cancer. However, the good news is is that after 20 years of being sun savvy and wearing my sunscreen, I not only don’t have skin cancer, but my skin is in great shape and there are no suspicious moles or freckles.

Unfortunately, the two spots that erupted in December and have never really healed along with the quarter-sized sore on my cheek? A staph infection! Most likely picked up from the pool, since that was right around the time that I gave up on swimming. If not there, then definitely some other place in the gym. Anyhow, I’m on super antibiotics, have a super antibiotic topical cream and a few other things I need to do to get back on the path. Also, as a bonus, while I was there, she ‘burned off’ a few sun spots on my face.

So, yeah. This has really made me reevaluate a lot of things such as getting pedicures and massages, hair cuts and other style services. From what the doctor said and my research, not only are these sorts of infections becoming more rampant, but with our consumption of foods doctored up with antibiotics, we’ve become resistant to the antibiotics needed to get rid of the bacteria.

Crazy stuff.

Trapped in Space

May 23rd, 2013

I know, Sunnydaze, I don’t get what’s up with the commenting thing either, but I’ve tried a million times to comment on your blog. Sigh. Anyhow, a big wave to you and a happy dance on your loss. You really are rocking it!

My life has been crazy and I still haven’t caught up on everything after my trip. I have a lot of cooking and writing to get done. Speaking of, I just went through my training yesterday for my new writing gig. I am going to be writing for Holidays Central beginning June 1st and will write four articles in June and then beginning in July, I will be up to 12. So, my writing career is gaining momentum and I am starting to get more and more opportunities. Gotta love that!

Food has been really good. I’ve been following the Robert Ferguson plan that I wrote about last time. It’s pretty easy and is really just about combining certain foods and having protein driven meals. One of my latest and greatest finds is the Kashi Go Lean Cereal with 13 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. It’s become my daily breakfast and is very filling and keeps me satisfied. I also haven’t had a chip run in lately and I’ve been getting my exercise groove back on with early morning walks.

This morning, I am off to get my face biopsied and to have a skin check. What a relief.

I’m Back!

May 19th, 2013

Whew! Traveling is a tiring affair, but I finally recovered from all the planes, trains and automobiles and a different bed and a different pillow. I had a great time and it was great to hang out with my parents for a while. I did have to work some, but it’s nice when you can take your job on the road with you. Hands down, the best environment for working was on the train—lot’s of leg room, roomy seats and a electrical socket right by the seat, plus when my eyes needed a break, all I had to do was look out the window at the passing scenery!

So, I picked up another writing gig. I’m a lifestyle writer for two online magazines. I learn all the good stuff this week on Wednesday. Actually, I have a couple of new jobs, so I will be juggling new ones and finishing old ones.

Good news is I planted my garden yesterday, but the bad news is I have a little skin cancer spot on my face so I need to head to the dermatologist this week. I had one some 20 years ago and this one is in the same area and the same symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s pretty ugly and swollen right now and I have to take head shots today; I think a lot of PhotoShop will be in order.

Still weigh the exact same; no gain and no loss over the last 38 days. One thing I will say about my body is that no matter what I eat or drink, I’m not a gainer; consequently, no matter what I eat or drink, I’m not a loser, either. I picked up Robert Ferguson’s book, Diet-Free For Life at the library the other day and I decided to implement his program. It’s a metabolism kick-starter that’s protein based then mixed with slow carbs and fast carbs. He’s from the area that I used to live and when I was training for the triathlon, I almost went to one of his workshops but then something came up. I think it will be a good program to follow for a month to see if I can get some of the 25lbs off that I am always trying to lose. It’s doable, that’s for sure.

Not much else. I need to finish up some work this morning and then I need to meet a friend to go over some paper work that’s due tomorrow.


May 6th, 2013

It’s not much, but we have a little bit of rain coming down and we had some last night, too. At least watering the yard is one thing I can scratch off of my list for now, which is good news, because my list is getting longer by the day.

I’m off to Seattle for a week and I still have a lot of work to finish up before I leave, plus organize work that I need to do while I’m there, and I have yet to pack and finish up the last details of getting ready for my trip.

Saturday morning I carted off 4 large bags to the Am Vets donation center; I bet before I’m done I will have another 4, but that’s okay, because I finally have a closet full of items that fit me and my lifestyle–well, almost; it’s a work in progress.

Food was great this weekend, but I drank wine on both Saturday and Sunday, just a few glasses, but I know it affects my weight. Surprisingly, it didn’t affect what or how much I ate, but that’s because DH has been really working hard on losing weight and he really controls his calorie intake now. I need to follow suite, especially with getting the chips out of my life. I did backslide on that, but it was Friday night and I ate a healthy plate with salad and beans and lean ground beef and a sliced avocado and I couldn’t resist the chips. Sigh.

Okay, That’s it for my quick check-in. I won’t be writing again until late next week. Hope everyone has a great week and beyond.

It’s becoming a regular thing that I pour myself a cup of coffee and then come here to kickstart my writing. I guess it just gets my juices flowing, primes the pump and gets me focused on hitting the keys. That’s a good thing, because today, I have a ton of work to get done. For someone who writes and works constantly, I should definitely be making a lot more money. Oh well, Rome was not built in a day.

Okay. Guess what I did yesterday? I went and got a haircut. This is my 4th haircut in 5 weeks, plus the extra trip to the salon for the color. I’ve never been so picky and hard to please, but finally, finally, I figured out how to ‘control’ the stylist and get what I want and I’ve learned a few things. First, I go to two different places. The first is a high-end Aveda salon (their color lasts forever) with a fabulous colorist, but I’ve realized she can’t cut hair. The second is Supercuts where my stylist cuts hair so fabulously that whenever she works, you have to call to get your name on the list and then there’s still a good 2 hour wait. But, I figured out, from reading one of the makeover books, that I needed an ‘upward’ line to my haircut that I was only getting sometimes and even then, it was hit and miss and didn’t do all of what it should.

So, yesterday, armed with my new ‘book smarts’ I went to my girl at Supercuts and was able to accurately explain what I wanted and she nailed it. Of course, she wanted to cut my sides, which I stopped her from doing, and she wanted to texturize the back, which I also stopped her from doing. In the end, because I had a clear vision and had read about how to create the line, I was able to direct her and get exactly what I wanted. Funny, if I would have just sat there and let her cut the sides and texturize the back, I would have had the same haircut that was bugging the crap out of me, but it would have just been shorter.

Sheesh! Why is there still so much to learn on the edge of turning 48.

I also passed through two stores yesterday while on errands and looked at the clothes, which I have NO business doing—I have way too many clothes—but, the point is, now that I know exactly what palate I am working with and what items I have and what items I need, finding something to buy is really difficult. There were a lot of great items on sale, but that mentality is what got me in so much clothes peril to begin with. Yesterday evening, I also finished organizing my closet and removing the bulk of giveaway items. I can’t believe I can walk in there and even see everything. Granted, I still have to go through winter clothes and sweaters, but I am pleased with the results so far and I can do the other over the summer.

Now, on to body victory: I put on one of my favorite t-shirts last night that I’ve never been able to part with. It’s not a wear out t-shirt anymore, because it’s a little short, but it fits loosely–especially through the arms and chest which is what yoga chiseled; I’m pulling out my yoga tapes today and getting down to business.

Finally, food has been great and believe it or not, I haven’t had a chip in 3 days. That’s a serious long streak in my life. I think I need to give them up, except tortilla chips and those only on a rare occasion. Seriously, that could be the ticket to dropping pounds effortlessly—just giving up my damn chip habit!

Food For Thought

May 2nd, 2013

Wow. I just started reading Michael Moss’s book, Salt, Sugar and Fat and it’s absolutely alarming. It’s about how the food giants got Americans hooked on processed foods, but it goes beyond just making sure those foods have a balance of salt, sugar and fat to the point where the food chemist actually change the natural living structure of food. It’s biotech at its most frightening and it’s all around us; it even transcends to cheap, mass produced produce and fresh meat. I’m only 1/3 of the way into the book, but I am already questioning many of the things I eat and I eat really healthy stuff.

I finished my big article yesterday. It’s funny, because I’m slated for 800 to 1,000 words, but for this particular publication, I have to do research and then produce the recipe and then write about the experience which always winds up being 1,200-1,500 words; the first time, they didn’t say anything, but the last time I received an overt reminder—I guess they grew tired of giving me a four page spread. Anyhow, I was definitely conscientious about making my range; I don’t want to lose this gig. After my final edit, including title and byline, I was right at 1,000 words. I did the happy dance.

I have a big honking project to work my way through today. I think I can get most of it done by tomorrow and then send it off for approval. If I have changes, I will only have Monday and Tuesday and then I am off to Seattle for a week to visit my parents.

Off for a walk. It’s going to be another hot, hot day today.


May 1st, 2013

I stayed up too late last night. I think it was midnight, or just after, when I finally turned off the television and then, I was up just after 5. I’m always excited to have the bed to myself–well, sharing with two big kitties–but I think I sleep better with DH. Anyhow, I have cobwebs in my brain this morning and I need to finish two articles this morning; writing here seems like a good place to start.

I spent last evening beginning the big closet overhaul and sorting. It’s crazy how much clothing I’ve accumulated. I know I’ve bought a lot over the last several years, but it’s just amazing. I think I literally have 25 pairs of dress slacks and probably 14 leather jackets. It’s hard giving away items that are in great shape and that I love, but it just doesn’t make sense to hold onto things that no longer fit who I am. Even if I go back to teaching, I don’t think I need 25 pairs of dress pants.

Yoga had a strange effect on me. I thought I would lose a few pounds and tone my body, but it really put me on a different journey of accepting who and what I am right in this moment. One of the books on creating/remaking your wardrobe talked a lot about not holding on to items that no longer fit your lifestyle and that made perfect sense. This was written by a woman who had been a fashion editor in NY for years, then left and became a freelance fashion writer. She had to learn that she no longer needed to dress the way she did, so out went the majority of those pricey suits and and shoes and in came the more casual pieces.

I wonder if by holding on to the things that we no longer need, that no longer fit our lives is what holds us back from living the lives we have now. This, I think, even goes with weight loss and getting fit; what used to work, who we used to be as dieters, and what motivated us may no longer apply, but we don’t think about remaking our approach and instead just plod along.

Another thing that I’ve decided to do, aside from accepting myself, is to go up a size in my clothes. Doesn’t that seem crazy? I wear a 10, but it’s not really, really comfortable anymore in my waist, because that area has gotten a little bigger with getting closer to menopause. My 10s still look fine, but in one book, the author said that clothes makers purposely cut clothes with smaller inseams to save money, so going up a size, particularly in trousers and jeans, actually makes your clothes fit better and drape in a more flattering way. I bought a pair of chinos the other day in a 12 and sure enough, they look great and more expensive that the $19 I paid for them. I also just ordered a few sale items from Land’s End and I did the same thing.

None of this means I’m not still going to exercise and fight middle-aged gravity; I still need to lose 20 pounds, but I’m changing my approach to just being where I am right now. I’m back to walking; I have my yoga tapes and free weights and I am eating well, but I think getting crunchy things out of the house is a good idea.

Okay. Coffee in; brain defogged; I need to finish my work then water the yard. It’s supposed to be 100º tomorrow and again on Friday. Yikes.


April 30th, 2013

DH is off for a 4 day trip for a conference. Miss him, I will, but man, oh, man, am I ever looking forward to having some time to just being me. He used to travel all the time and while I don’t miss those days, I do like to be by myself, so this is a nice treat. Plus, I have several things to take care of, namely three big projects to put to bed and another three ready to start on. I also want to finally, finally, finally clean my closet.

Not much else is happening. Starting tomorrow morning, I’m going to start walking for 90 minutes before I even turn on my computer. I need to get in the habit of moving around more and getting in that initial walk would be great.