The devil you know…

So frustrated… the scale is still stuck. However, I think I’ve figured out what may be the problem… medication. The neurologist has me taking a blood pressure medication to reduce migraines. And it seems that this medication is notorious for causing minor weight gain – or making it impossible to LOSE weight. As does the […]

fat days and skinny days

The Sugar Queen has dropped an astonishing 6 pounds since embarking upon her modified version of the HMR shakes plan last week, a feat unsurpassed by any of her previous diet plans – and one that she had believed could only be accomplished via amputation of a limb. So the past few days, the Queen’s […]

HMR rocks, HMOs suck (sometimes) & the illusion of the “free” sample

The Sugar Queen is rocking this liquid-diet/lean -n- green program. Her acne-dotted face has cleared up quite suddenly, probably from all those “healthy munchies” and a remarkable drop in her intake of sugar and salt. There are two candy bars that have been sitting unmolested in her kitchen cabinet for two weeks now.┬áThe Queen is […]