Where’s the magic?

Hopped on the scale this morning expecting a loss … and YES! there was one, at long last, after being stuck for a couple of months.
5 pounds gone!
Elation! Happy dance! Then, the thought: What “magic” trick, stroke of luck or fluke made this happen - and how do I conjure that up again?
Not, Yea! *I* [...]

The devil you know…

So frustrated… the scale is still stuck. However, I think I’ve figured out what may be the problem… medication.
The neurologist has me taking a blood pressure medication to reduce migraines. And it seems that this medication is notorious for causing minor weight gain - or making it impossible to LOSE weight.
As does the other medication [...]

At the gym

Went to the gym yesterday and noticed (again) how many overweight women were there working out. Used to be, over the two years we’ve been going there, that I was the ONLY one amidst all these skinnies. Yesterday, and the time before, there were easily 8-10, including me.
I don’t know why the sudden increase in [...]

If I were a boy…

Sugar Queen is cranky. Being a woman is so unfair.
The Queen religiously counts calories every day, exercises nearly every day, runs several miles a week, uses the weight machines 2-3 times a week, and strives for portion control… and all that effort results in a weight loss this week of two *2* measly pounds.
Oh, she’s [...]

sometimes i feel like a motherless child

Hopped on the scale this morning optimistically expecting a loss. After all, I’ve been jogging for a few weeks, walking and working out with the weight machines in between, thwarting urges to binge, and counting calories, so shouldn’t I be rewarded by losing at least a couple of pounds?
Evidently not. The needle on the scale [...]

As if it’s the last life raft leaving the Titanic

I should be done eating - I’m full after dinner and fruit for dessert - yet I’m struggling with obsessive thoughts about binge-eating. I am having these insane cravings for sugar and fat.
Obsessing about grabbing the jar of peanut butter and sitting down with a spoon and wolfing down hundreds of calories I don’t need.
Wishing [...]