dressing-room depression

On an impulse, and excited about having lost another couple of pounds, I went clothes shopping yesterday, shopping in actual stores, which requires putting on OTHER clothes and leaving  the house instead of settling into a comfy overstuffed chair with the laptop and zipping through cyberspace to virtual stores with a few mouse clicks.

Perhaps it’s the dressing-room mirrors that I’m trying to avoid by shopping online.  I hate looking at myself in the mirror when I’m obese. The lumps, bumps, and bulges that I have managed to live in blissful denial of  are magnified and multiplied in dressing room mirrors.

The blouse or dress or skirt that I LOVE LOVE LOVE on the hanger morphs into an ugly set of grandma’s draperies when wrapped around my protruding gut and big thighs.

Dressing-room mirrors make me look like the Michelin man, just shorter and rounder. I hate that.

The Sugar Queen is:

weighing: 242 lbs. (-10 pounds; BMI down from 45 to 40.3 – Hurray! I’m bordering on being “obese” only)

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  1. Hi! 🙂
    Ugh, I feel your pain! Dressing rooms SUCK. Whatever you do, don’t try on sport bras in the store… I did last week and am still recovering! (Needless to say did not buy a bra:( ) I like your blog, BTW.

  2. I hear you, bleck times 10 on those dressing room mirrors, not to mention the lighting from hell.

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