grapefruit is awesome.

I’ve had one every day for lunch this week, with my meal. YUM.

The clinical trial will continue in the next few months. For another year. We are waiting on the FDA as usual.

I was able to get the money they gave to everyone else. It was not considered a conflict of interest by my employer, which was so nice.

Work has been crazy, I’ve been training people left & right. My boss hired 3 people to start this month, one per week. Never again. We’ve had 4 positions open since last summer. I don’t want to hear how bad the job market is when we’ve been scheduling interviews and only half the candidates show up for a first interview. You only get a call for a first interview if you fit into certain holes–don’t ask for too much money, have experience, don’t call my boss or supervisor directly asking why you didn’t get the interview or job (it breaks protocol. everything goes through & while my boss has the final say, corporate does all the interview scheduling & weeding out & “thanks but no thanks” letters. Calling her directly only convinces her you won’t follow protocol once you’re here, either.) Now we hired 3 new peeps, they seem to be doing ok, only time will tell.

Also when I tell people we are desperate for people where I work, that doesn’t mean we are going to hire someone with 30 years experience managing offices for the work we do in my department. She asked for $3 more than I make now & I’ve been with the company 3 years. There’s no way they’d offer a new person any more than $5 less than what she asked for, there are no negotiations on that, it’s company policy. So to tell me, “Well you must not need people that bad if you turned so & so down” isn’t helping. There’s not really a nice way to tell someone they are WAY overqualified & are asking for too much money. :(

Dieting has been good, as usual. Provigil made me completely lose my appetite, which has been a good thing in some ways. I am fine, as long as I stay on schedule. The 3FC’ers have taught me so much over the years, but one of those was: food is fuel. I’ve been using food as a substitute for other things. I can’t do that on these pills. But I also have to remember to eat something every few hours or it all goes haywire & I get RAVENOUS.

Exercise, well I think we all know how that is going. I hate winter. This winter has been no different. I like to walk & swim, who wants to do that in the farking winter? To leave the gym with wet hair is unappealing, as is walking indoors around the track like a hamster. But these are things I must get over by the end of the month. Just getting the shoes, socks & sweatpants in the car would be a huge start.

Hope everyone else is doing well. xoxox

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  1. Joy Says:

    I love grapefruit! It is so wonderful and tangy!
    That has got to be hard on you/the company and the people job hunting. These are hard times esp. for people starting all over in jobs. Hope it goes better for you. Have a wonderful weekend and keep up the great job on your diet.

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