Food for thought.

Yesterday, I was on a role. I managed to eat a balanced meal for breakfast. For lunch, I almost went off the deep end and brought myself back from the edge. I was doing well despite eating three extra pretzels for a snack. All of a sudden the evening came. I figured, I will have some graham crackers, perfect snack, right? Wrong!!!! I ate 2 and a half squares. While it could have been worse, it showed me that healthy food can be just as dangerous when we indulge.

I’m glad I had my conscious turned on last night. Normally its not on. It just shows that I am more dedicated to fighting this battle! I don’t want any one to think that I am now all anti-good food (Not True Whatsoever). I just want to make sure that we are thinking about the food and the amount that goes into your mouth. Keep up the good work!

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