b-2 ww toasts w pb and nutella
s- banana
l- ww pita w vegs, can of tuna, lf swiss
s- apple
s-raw brocc, lf swiss
d-salad, chick peas, vegs, lite greek dressing, 3 scoops froz yogurt

you are what you eat

so its been just about a week now binge free. i’ve definitely eaten things that were not on the healthiest of sides, but… the big but, i didnt binge until i was sick at all. which is in itself an amazing feat. im sure just doing that i’ve been lower in calories by avoiding binges. 
i [...]

i made it 3 days

without a binge. that’s it. but that’s ok. no dwelling. no hating. no guilt. it is what it is. but…….. i tried to really grasp what i was feeling. what was happening. 
basically it started bc i wanted pizza. like really wanted pizza. but i refused to buy it. so i was eating all these other [...]

peek into what could be

one more thing, over nye/xmas when i was home, i was staying w a fren for a few days. granted, we didn’t eat much, but that’s bc we were focused on other things, like drinking.  :|
anyway, i was feeling rather thin and dehydrated, so i decided to make a brief appearance with the scale. now, [...]

baby steps, stellart, baby steps

sometimes when i exercise, especially walking or running, i chant to myself in my head. “i’m a strong and healthy woman. i am in control of my life” i swear i do it over and over again, each time i take a step. sometimes the end looks so far away, and i have to remind [...]

today sucked, but i did not binge

so i found out today that a fren passed away over the weekend. a fren i have a somewhat intimate history with. one of my favorites. i was feeling a bit sad, a bit weird the whole day. 
also, talking to B today pissed me off a bit. we’re going on a trip this weekend with [...]

yesterday was good

so yesterday was my first day really committing. being on track. and honestly, it wasnt that bad. when i have structure, and i set limits for myself, it’s not that hard to follow. i need structure. and i know that i need it. so i dont even know why i function any other way. it [...]


so i went to a WW meeting yesterday in my town. and everyone was really quite nice, but i just dont think that it’s something that i can really afford at the moment. but it sort of lit a fire under my ass, and i remembered how much i do not want to be a [...]


B: 1 banana-pb stuffed french toast w/ berries on top, 1 slice bologna, 4 slices chicken bacon, coffee
L: 1 triangle of beef and cheese quesadilla leftover, 4 tsp tabbouleh, 4 tsp couscous salad, apple
S: bowl of brussel sprouts w/ lt parm chz
S: 1 clementine
D: pear, 1/2 sweet potato w/ 2 tsp ff plain yogurt, 1 [...]

journaling: pro

ok so i was looking bad through this journal, and it appears that roughly a month ago is when i really started to lose my focus. a whole month has managed to completely slip through my fingers. and just like that four weeks has come and gone. and i’ve only made journal entries about 2 [...]