some personal goals i’ve set

so i thought it would be a good idea to set some concrete goals for myself. some smaller goals too, not just my overall goal. after going to the WW meeting the other day, that’s what the lady said to do. and then when you meet those goals, celebrate your acheivements and stay motivated.  so […]

why am i so complacent

why can’t i stay motivated. what is the problem. i’ve thought about joining weight watchers just to have someone to report to. but i can’t justify spending that kind of money. i know how to eat right, that’s not the problem. i just choose not to do it. there’s the problem.  yesterday, i ate an […]

making my USA debut tomorrow

well i officially go back to the states for a visit in about 15 hours. im both excited and nervous. it’ll be weird to be in the states again. im so used to being here now. anyway, i got shit sleep last night, like 3 hours, and i’m super tired right now. but i told […]

i ran so far….

so today i really felt like running. running is something that i love to hate. im a terrible runner, but i get this sense of empowerment from it nevertheless. unfortunately i rarely do it. but i guess that’s bc i always feel like im not a runner. like i can’t do it.  but today was […]

a true test of food strength…cooking

i really really felt like eating something awesome today. a break from the monotony. anyway, so i made stuffed peppers. they came out to 100 calories per 1/2 pepper.  ingredients: bulgur TVP onions diced tomatoes cumin, cinnamon, salt and pepper dollop of light ricotta and nutritional yeast on top they were amazing!   also, made […]

barely even cheated…

well, i’d like to keep this relatively short, bc i could probably go on for ages. but saturday night was my drawing class, and they were serving wine, cheese, crackers, fruits, cookies, and baby tarts. i had 3 glasses of wine, a bit of cheese, a few crackers, and some fruit. oh and a few […]

i walked 12km today

took just under 2 hours too. i did it more on principal really than anything else. at first i started walking bc all i really wanted to do was eat. and i guess i was a bit sick of the stationary bike. and it was a rather nice day today, and i know there will […]

i didn’t binge the night away

so last night, i was feeling a bit lonely maybe. a bit depressed. a lot of negative feelngs. nothing suicidal, but enough to make me want to curl up in a blanket watch movies and eat an entire cheesecake. but…. i didn’t.  i was even going to end my evening with a ff nsa fudgepop […]

thoughts on food obsession

so i was thinking. i guess alot lately about myself. and i’m really obsessed with food. i think i always have been. i’m either bingeing on massive amounts of junk that i’m ravenous for…. or i’m overeating a regular meal…. or i’m planning what i’ll be eating…. or thinking about what i wish i could […]

so here goes…

my first entry. not sure what i’ll really write in here. i guess daily menus, plans for the next day and various mind blowing thoughts.  i basically keep track of my calories on fitday, but i dont actually write the meals down, just pick the ingredients, so perhaps this would also be a place where […]