peek into what could be

one more thing, over nye/xmas when i was home, i was staying w a fren for a few days. granted, we didn’t eat much, but that’s bc we were focused on other things, like drinking.  😐

anyway, i was feeling rather thin and dehydrated, so i decided to make a brief appearance with the scale. now, i’ve never used this scale. so i can’t really compare it to my normal weight read out. but…..

it said 142. im sure i didn’t lose any real valid weight or fat. but just seeing a scale. any scale. a scale that said 142 while it supported the weight of my entire body on top of it, was simply astonishing. 

so yeah i’m ringing in at 149.6 these days on the regular scale. but ya know what, 142 may be possible in the not so distant future. 

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