baby steps, stellart, baby steps

sometimes when i exercise, especially walking or running, i chant to myself in my head. “i’m a strong and healthy woman. i am in control of my life” i swear i do it over and over again, each time i take a step. sometimes the end looks so far away, and i have to remind myself, ill get there, just one step at a time. 

today, i realized that i need to incorporate that into my daily routine with everything. baby steps. today, after lunch, i really really wanted to keep eating. so i was going to make some popcorn, and brush and rinsed with listerine instead. and the burst of excitment i got from not giving in to snacks felt so good. it always does. so why is it so easy to forget about it when im faced with temptation. 

i was reading another poster’s blog earlier, and he had a similar entry. one day at a time. if you fuck up, you do. move on. its not the end of the world. ive heard this from all successful losers. they’ve all fallen a million times. no one really loses weight successfully, flawlessly. we’re humans. we all make mistakes. 

but not excuses. i need to be more accountable to myself, like other poster mentioned, as well. i need to quit lying to myself. those little bites here and there do add up, and will add up. who am i hurting by not writing it down, or by sneaking it when no one is looking. me!!! the very person that i am most concerned with. no on else wants me to get fit in this world more than i do. so why cheat my own self. it’s useless. 

conclusion, i need to recognize the tiny victories in my journey. like brushing instead of snacking today. it’s an accomplishment, even if it didn’t result in a 5 pound loss. i’ll get there. i know i will. i just have to believe it. bc it is very much possible. 

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