yesterday was good

so yesterday was my first day really committing. being on track. and honestly, it wasnt that bad. when i have structure, and i set limits for myself, it’s not that hard to follow. i need structure. and i know that i need it. so i dont even know why i function any other way. it only stresses me out further and i lose all control. 

so yesterday i did level 1 nd 2 of 30ds. and i ate within my points. even like 2 points under. and i wasnt hungry at all. i didnt even crave anything really. i didn’t even want sweets. maybe i was just so disgusted with the way things were going. 

anyway, i feel good. i feel motivated. 

i read a post on 3fc from a girl i did not expect to say this:

“remember that what you feed yourself is a direct reflection on what your body looks like.”

woooooooow, so fucking true. if you are eating shit food, your going to look like shit. plain and simple. 

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