so i went to a WW meeting yesterday in my town. and everyone was really quite nice, but i just dont think that it’s something that i can really afford at the moment. but it sort of lit a fire under my ass, and i remembered how much i do not want to be a fatty. 

so i decided that maybe i should try to count points on my own at home. get back to eating more whole foods. cut back on the alcohol. and stop with the cookies. good lord. 

so today is going well, thus far. it seems that my days go well, it’s the evenings that i really have the trouble with. but as long as i tell myself, that it’s not an option. and actually stick with it, then i should be back on track in no time. 

i did level 2 followed by level 1 of 30DS today. its snowing outside, so i really dont feel like going for a walk to be honest. but i worked my ass off doing that extra level today. my legs feel like jello. 

sometimes i feel like my only motivation comes from when i start feeling like a fat slob, and then i get on track, til i get lazy again, and the cycle thus perpetuates. 

at some point i hope to achieve the success of not only being thin, but also breaking free from the vicious cycle on bingeing and restriction. it’s exhausting. 

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