Key West: T-9 days

Posted stellarosa27 on June 14th, 2010 | Filed under Uncategorized

Yeah, baby.  9 days and I will be in sunny Florida with my best girl friends to celebrate a wedding.  I can.not.wait.

This also means I have to kick my butt back into gear.  Over the past few days I’m hovering between 169.something and 167.something, but I haven’t been really exercising and we all know the story with the food.  Over the weekend my appetite returned and I went to TJ’s and stocked up on food for the week.  Today I have everything all planned out and as long as I stick to that plan, I should be fine.  I want to run after work, but its 90 friggin degrees out so that’s not going to happen, therefore the gym it is.

I really do not have any motivation, but people always say you can’t rely on motivation get you through this, so I’m just puttering along anyway.  I’ll just make a schedule and a food plan and stick with it, and that’s it.  I still can’t sleep well – although last night was the best night in 2 weeks – but one step at a time, I suppose 🙂

I also met a boy this weekend.  Well, I met him last year, but I spent the night talking to him on Saturday.  Of course, he’s shy.  I need to get out of this “I like shy boys” phase because it really gets me no where…

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