Well that wasn’t so bad…

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I keep avoiding my scale because I’ve eating late at night.  I think I was okay with calories yesterday, I didn’t really eat much during the day (~600 calories) and then I had chicken enchiladas for dinner, but no sour cream and I didn’t eat the rice and beans.  I just ate at 9:30.  I’m really curious as to what my body is actually doing, so I plan to have dinner BEFORE 8 pm tonight so I can weigh tomorrow morning before the gym.

So last night was…okay.  Actually almost like nothing happened.  Which is good and bad, but we’ll focus on the good for now.  My concern about him not returning my emails was quaffed when he explained that he doesn’t know how to use his blackberry and all emails were being put into the saved folder and not being sent.  It may seem like a lame excuse, but I’ve known him for 6 years and it is completely consistent with his personality.  My therapist suggests that we should still actually have a conversation, just to be really clear on everything and what our relationship is going to be, but I’m not worrying about that right now.  Time to focus on what a fun weekend I’m going to have.

Its gonna be a good one!!!

Today is work, swim, work, gym, food shopping (I really mean it), home. Tomorrow I want to go spinning at 8 and then spend the morning/early afternoon at my apartment pool.  I like the sun and I like having olive skin and lighter hair.  I wear sunscreen, so don’t worry 🙂  Tomorrow late afternoon/night is my friend Rachel’s birthday celebration which will involve a rooftop BBQ and bars in DC (so I will do my best to look stunning). I really need to take pictures with actual people, and not just me in my bathroom mirror.  Not the same.  Sunday is a bridal shower and the new season of True Blood.

I also ordered belly dancing DVDs and my friend H is going to share her strength training program with me, so I get to mix up my work out.  Part of the whole – trying to keep myself busy thing – new things are exciting 🙂

I  hope to be back regularly next week, instead of this sporadic crap.  I need to get back into my routine and stop driving myself crazy.  Plus, T – 13 days until Key West!!!! 🙂 Maybe I can see 165 by then…if TOM doesn’t get in the way…

Happy Friday!!!

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