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Checking In

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So it’s been a while. Been busy with work and life things, and I’ve not really had anything to write about! Still having bad days, but they’re happening less often now which is great. Huge boost today when my mums friend who hasn’t seen me in around 4 months said I looked like I’d lost [...]

Oh Happy Days…

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So I’ve actually had a bad week, despite the title of this post. I’ve been eating a lot of junk and drinking a lot of wine. Emotionally eating and drinking due to seeing my recent ex with his new girlfriend, more than once. A story I’m sure I’ll tell at a later date! I’ve been [...]

The Weigh In…

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So Friday is my official weigh in day (even if I do weight myself everyday anyway). So I’ll give you a little summary of the last few weeks…

Starting Weight - 304lbs
Week One - 299
Week Two - 296
Week Three - 292

So I’ve lost 4lbs since week two! I’m a bit of a happy bunny right now. [...]

Living In The Past

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So today I actually put on all the stuff I bought to exercise in and actually left the house! An achievement in itself, even if I did only get a couple of minutes down the road. Walked for a minute, jogged for a minute, give up, walk home. A bit of a pathetic attempt to [...]

The scale of the problem…

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I’ve become quite obsessed with checking the scale recently. I check everyday. It barely goes down day to day, which annoys me, and it goes up later in the day which annoys me even more! I think I’m too obsessed on loosing the weight now, this very second rather than playing the long game. I [...]

The start…sort of.

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So this is the start of my blog, but it’s not the start of a new me, that started 3 weeks ago. A little bit about me (in case you’re nosy like me) I’m 22 and my starting weight was 304lb and I’m currently at 295lbs. Not a huge difference, but this is only the start. I [...]