So I’ve actually had a bad week, despite the title of this post. I’ve been eating a lot of junk and drinking a lot of wine. Emotionally eating and drinking due to seeing my recent ex with his new girlfriend, more than once. A story I’m sure I’ll tell at a later date! I’ve been unable to step on the scales for fear of what they’ll show me! I eventually decided to hop on, 294, 3lbs up. Was not what a wanted to see! That was 2 days ago. Despite still drinking a bit of alcohol, I ate healthily or if I did eat junk I ate it in moderation. Worked up the courage to step back on those scales today. 289.2lbs!! From my starting weight I’m officially just over a stone down. My silver lining for a rather horrible week! I could have continued this downward spiral, but I knew I would hate myself for it in a week or a months time. So I jumped straight back onto the healthy eating band wagon! After a bad few days, weeks or even months, how do you guys cope?

Write soon Lovlies