So today I actually put on all the stuff I bought to exercise in and actually left the house! An achievement in itself, even if I did only get a couple of minutes down the road. Walked for a minute, jogged for a minute, give up, walk home. A bit of a pathetic attempt to be honest, but at least I tried. It doesn’t help that it’s bitterly cold at the moment and you end up getting a pain in the middle of your chest and I’m ill too. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

When I was younger, around the ages of 12-16 I was relatively healthy.  I played a lot of sport; netball, cricket, rugby, tennis and even some athletics. Not bad for someone who was overweight. Then I got plagued with injury after injury and eventually each sport was cut from my life. Something which I massively regret doing. So now I want to exercise and get healthy, I still think of myself as the fat girl who could whip everybody’s ass, no matter what the event. When in reality, I’m the morbidly obese woman who hasn’t done anything to massively increase her heart rate in about 6 years.

So I’m slightly stunned by this realisation, but you’ve just got to push on. Hell, maybe it’s the wake up call that I needed. At least I’ve set myself a new goal, a non scale goal. Something that I will achieve. Lose the weight, get healthy and get back into sport. What goals have you guys set yourselves, that aren’t based on a number on a scale?

Talk soon my lovelies. And have a fabulous day!

Success is not a race, be patient.