I’ve become quite obsessed with checking the scale recently. I check everyday. It barely goes down day to day, which annoys me, and it goes up later in the day which annoys me even more! I think I’m too obsessed on loosing the weight now, this very second rather than playing the long game. I don’t go on binges when I get¬†disappointed with the results, but I become completely demotivated making me question whether I can lose the weight. I guess I need to start looking at the none scale victories. I’m making healthier choices, before I eat anything I check the amount of calories.¬†So surely in the long run these small victories will impact the scale victories?

I’m going to attempt going for a run/jog/walk/crawl tomorrow morning. I’ve been trying to do it for the past week, I set my alarm for 6am, the alarm goes off and it gets instantly turned off. I need to motivate myself to get my ass in gear and get out of bed. The weight will come off slowly with the change in diet, but a bit of good old cardio will give it a helping hand! Note to self, join the gym and get some motivation. What do you guys do to motivate yourselves?

Talk soon my lovelies.

Winston Churchill: Never, never, never, never give up.