269 ( -19)

One week from today I was married in Bloomington on a cold winter day.  I am hoping next year I am even smaller, but just as happy and married.  One week from today is my 2 month Weight anniversary.  I am hoping to be at -20.  Every day I think about what the next day, week, month and year will bring.  I’m the most positive I have been in years.  I’m been thinking of my final goal, which I know will probably change. 

I just spend my time daydreaming about being small instead of donuts, I’ll take that as progress.

NSV’s for this week:

  • no treats at work ( including Mel’s honey bun cake)
  • only ate one peice of candy and only did it because my BS was loooooow
  • Wore a pair of 20 jeans from a few years ago
  • Did not buy anything from the Hostess store lol ( used to be my favorite place to shop!)
  • Learned that cravings and hunger are VERY 2 seperate things