30 Dec 2009 In: updates

255 (-33)

ok. I made it thru christmas. I ate what I wanted for 5 or so days and  didn’t gain!  I’m so thankful and amazed.  Maybe the changes I have been making really are helpful and even when I could eat without counting I jsut ate until I was full and didn’t go crazy.  I’m back in the swing of things and dreaming about onderland.  I want to go there and stay there this summer!

ok so I suck at blogging…

1 Dec 2009 In: updates

260 ( -28)

but the weight is doing ok.  I have been in a funk lately and try to keep from emotional eating and PMS has driving my cravings through the roof, but I have to keep plodding along ;)

girls at work have noticed the loss and compliement me, which feels great, i remember the feeling every time i see cake and cookies and anything else. I work at a hospital at night, so we work, talk and EAT through the night.

I am fitting comfortably into 20 jeans that I havent even tried on in the past couple years in fear they will not fit, and my mother-in-law gave me a compliment so things are going well, i just still feel like crap.

I need to get out of my funk and realize things are goood!

I just keep counting calories, praying, and thanking God for everything i do have right now.

Almost my 1st Wedding anniversary!!!

8 Nov 2009 In: updates

269 ( -19)

One week from today I was married in Bloomington on a cold winter day.  I am hoping next year I am even smaller, but just as happy and married.  One week from today is my 2 month Weight anniversary.  I am hoping to be at -20.  Every day I think about what the next day, week, month and year will bring.  I’m the most positive I have been in years.  I’m been thinking of my final goal, which I know will probably change. 

I just spend my time daydreaming about being small instead of donuts, I’ll take that as progress.

NSV’s for this week:

  • no treats at work ( including Mel’s honey bun cake)
  • only ate one peice of candy and only did it because my BS was loooooow
  • Wore a pair of 20 jeans from a few years ago
  • Did not buy anything from the Hostess store lol ( used to be my favorite place to shop!)
  • Learned that cravings and hunger are VERY 2 seperate things


done being sick…

29 Oct 2009 In: Uncategorized

270 (-18)

Ok, I dont know what I had last week, but I’m done with it and am soo glad my husband did not and I don’t have kids to catch it.  And I know it’s wrong to like the lbs i lost sick, i still like them ;)

PMS is all I have to say….

But I am completely back on track today.  No one wants to eat salads when they can’t breathe or smell anything.  It felt sooo good tracking my food knowing I had only eaten abt. 800 cals and had time to nibble the rest of them.  I work nights so from 7p to 7am I eat something every hour or 2 alllll night.   It’s actually easier than being at home, because I only eat the food I bring.  And the husband isn’t eating everything in site here ;)  I talk about him like he’s an eating machine, he kind of is, but he’s 6′5” so he CAN eat all the time and has no weight problem.  He does not sabotage my efforts and I don’t want him to change anything just because I’m on a diet, food is my problem, not his.  But I Love him, if i talk about him, it’s all in fun.  I have a teasing/mean sense of humor ;)



thinking positive

21 Oct 2009 In: updates

275.6 ( -12.4)

Ok, its been almost 2 weeks, but im taking the -0.4 and running with it.  I knew there would be days like this and this too shall pass.

Changes that I have experienced lately:

  • I walk faster and feel better eating well
  • I like the foods im trying ( i.e. hummus, feta) and LOVE some of them even
  • I talk about my “dieting” or whateve you wanna call it a lot, but people have had a good repsonse and I have inspired some people to start their own healthy choices
  • I look forward to jogging, or at least when I will be able to start
  • I don’t really know if it makes a difference, but I havent had any pop in over 4 weeks
  • Im feeling more positive that I CAN do this and I have improved many habits already


only 9 days but still……..

17 Oct 2009 In: Uncategorized

weight 276 (-12)

I know its only been 9 days with no loss, but still damn.  At least I i know it is not because I havn’t been doing everything i should be.  I am proud of myself for not saying ” F it, im eating donuts”.

I just have so much other stuff on my plate right now, i just really wanted  a pound or two….


15 Oct 2009 In: Goals
  • Wear XXL scrubs by xmas 2009 ***Met Oct 31, 2009 @ 270***
  • 10% weight GONE - 259 (-29) by Xmas 2009 ***Met Dec. 07, 2009***
  • Weigh Less than my husband - 242 (-46) ***Met July 18, 2010***

  • Lose 52 pounds in 1 year - 236 (-52)  (by 9/15/10)

  • 20% gone - 233 (-55)
  • High school graduation weight & what I weighed before my thyroid surgury - 230 (-58)
  • XL scrubs by birthday 7/28/2010 *****Met 8/10/10**** Better late than never!
  • The least I have weighed in 10 years after WW - 217 (-71)
  • 30% weight GONE = 210 (-78)
  • ONEDERLAND - 199!  (-89)
  • 40% weight GONE = 189  ( -99)
  •  What I weighed in 7th grade = 176 (-112)
  • MAIN GOAL (as of 11/7/09) & 50 % gone -  170 ( -118)
  • Healthy = 155
  • Just getting fired up

    15 Oct 2009 In: Uncategorized
    Ok i started back on my journey one month from today….I’m taking it one day at a time and one hour or one minute if that’s what it takes  

    Weight: 276 (-12)
    Goals: Here are my weight goals for the next couple years.  I made numerous ones so I can stay motivated!


    • Wear XXL scrubs by xmas 2009
    • ** Va-va-va-voom for Valentine’s Challenge -27 lbs for 249!
    • Obese II =  235
    • Weigh 230 - high school graduation weight
    • Lose 52 pounds in 1 year (by 9/15/10)
    • Obese I= 200
    • Weigh 199! 
    • Overweight = 176
    • Healthy = 155