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Day 11 of 17 Day Diet

Weigh in this morning: 183.4 (Down 3.8lbs)
I’m still slowly losing.  I really don’t mind, as long as I’m losing and not gaining.  Yesterday, I was a bit hungry between my snack in the morning and my lunch.  I drank lots of water to curb my appetite a bit.  I was just soooo hungry.  I also tried to keep myself occupied.  I didn’t cave but when I came to my lunch, I had a greek salad and when I mixed the dressing, the lettuce was no longer good so I only ate about half and couldn’t eat anymore.  It was disgusting.  I ate the remainder of the feta cheese since I LOVE it and I was hoping it’d keep my hunger at bay longer.  I ended up making myself a white hot chocolate in the keurig.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:
2 clementines
Greek yogurt
Tims Coffee (Mmmmmm!)
Half of greek salad
Cherry Tomatoes
Chicken (seasoned with Mr. Dash)
Cooked peppers & onion (with EVOO)
Greek Yogurt

I noticed I ate a lot of yogurt.  I don’t really know how many ml I’m eating but I don’t mind if I have a little more.  I haven’t been regular for the past few days.  Not sure what’s happening there.  You’d think with all the veggies & probiotics I’ve been eating, that wouldn’t be a problem for me.

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