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Day 4 of 17 Day Diet

Day 4 today.  Yesterday was a lot better than day 2!  I wasn’t as hungry and I did really good.  This morning, weighed in and weighed 185.0 (down 2.2 total).  I was really happy with that 🙂  I feel like my mood is shifting for the better.  I actually feel lighter.  It’s a good feeling!

This is my eating diary from yesterday:

2 eggs scrambled (cooked with butter)
Blackberries (around 10)
Green tea
Tims Coffee (sm. DD)
2 clementines
Greek salad
Cherry tomatoes (around 10)
Extra Lean Ground Turkey Patties
Steamed veggies (with butter)
Greek yogurt

So I know I’ev been using butter but I don’t love eggs & veggies without it.  I still don’t think it’s too bad.  I’m still losing and I love my food so I think that’s great in my book.  Boyfriend is still eating the same dinners as me.  Last night though, he had bread with his patties and I didn’t.  I enjoyed my dinner even with no bread.

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