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26 Sep, 2012

Real Talk

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“You become what you think about all day long.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
My bestfriend was kind enough to send me that image tagged with “Danielle’s Weight Loss Diaries” She couldn’t be more right. I haven’t kept it to one room so it doesn’t look that terrible; however, I very well may have as many [...]

24 Sep, 2012

Reality Check

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Long story short: I used to be crazy. I thought I’d battled all of my demons and conquered them. I thought I was fine. I thought this was all over. So,  I’m not exactly sure where to start this or how to start it, so bare with me.
Can fat people have eating disorders? It seems [...]

17 Sep, 2012

You’re freaking me out!

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REWIND: so, I had been stressing about this BBC Ride because initially my husband (Kevin) had talked me into doing the 33 miler - without me having ever ridden 33 miles. We went out to a pretty flat course and did 32 miles a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was hung over and it wasn’t [...]

10 Sep, 2012

Eat to Win…err…Eat to Lose?

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I’ve been informed I don’t eat enough, which is why I’m always struggling with my weight loss.
I’ve been eating 1300-1500 calories a day, but I work out 5-6 times a week and burn around 1000 calories each time. I ultimately end up netting 300-500 calories a day, which means by body is in starvation mode [...]



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