Super Eating on SuperBowl Sunday

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So I totally blew my diet today.  Granted I did make all low calorie foods, I just didn’t watch my portions.  I lost count of calories after breakfast.  Oh well, back on the wagon tomorrow:)

Just Chugging Along

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I am determined to keep up with this blog. I started a blog a few years back to keep long distance friends/family up to speed with what was going on with my husband and kids and myself. Yeah, it lasted about 3 entries….I admit, I have never been good with this kind of thing, I always have the best intentions with things, and well, you know what they say about “best intentions”. Anyway, things are going well with my weight loss I suppose. My official weigh in is Wednesday but I am down about 2 lbs from last week. TTOM is upon me so I don’t know how kind the scale will be come Wednesday morning. I made the best low fat cookies tonight. I found a website courtesy of a fellow 3FC member,, it’s amazing, I have already made about 5 recipes from the site. Well, I am out of words…I will check in Wednesday with an official weigh in.

A Good Time to Start

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I am not sure that anyone aside from myself will ever read this blog. I have tried in the past to keep journals both online and on paper and much like my dieting, it was always short lived. Perhaps this time is different. I started my latest weight loss journey just over 1 week ago, I feel confident that this time it will work. I want it to work, it needs to work.

I have given myself a goal, a deadline if you will. I want to be at 150 lbs by May 26, 2013, My 30th Birthday. At this point I am 248lbs, so I have exactly 16 months to lose 98 lbs. It sounds crazy to a person who has never managed to lose more than 40-50 lbs without prescription diet pills and borderline starvation. Obviously, it wasn’t a great approach seeing as how I gained it all back plus another 50. This time I am counting my calories, eating more nutritious meals and eventually I will introduce exercise into the plan as well. I have a good feeling about this, no a great feeling. Here’s to the future….

For the record, Here is a photo of me taken 3 days before I started my weight loss journey(I am on the left, obviously). Hopefully there will be a lot less of me in the coming months:)

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