St. Patties

I’m not planning on going out tonight mainly because I went out over the weekend, all weekend basically. There was enough bad food and drink to last me many weeks. However, I did walk a lot and go bowling and when I came home I had actually lost a couple pounds. Note to self: this […]

Day 1.5.2

So, I’ve stumbled back onto and am hoping to be able to stick with it this time. Hopefully. Over the past year I have gone through some major changes, graduating college, nearly moving halfway across the states, nearly moving to Seattle, finally finding a job, etc. With these changes my weight fluctuated an insane […]

Day 1.5

Yesterday was only partially day one. Half of the day was spent eating well and the other half I ate whatever I felt like eating. This morning I debated on whether I should go to the Student Union and Recreation Center to weigh in or the gym that the school uses for classes. I chose […]

Who says a diet has to start on a specific day

Well, after being intrigued by 3fatchicks for a couple months, I finally signed up. I really don’t see what I am starting as a diet as much as I view it as a lifestyle change. I am not going to deny myself occasional cravings for ice cream or a slice of pizza, I am just […]