St. Patties

I’m not planning on going out tonight mainly because I went out over the weekend, all weekend basically. There was enough bad food and drink to last me many weeks. However, I did walk a lot and go bowling and when I came home I had actually lost a couple pounds.
Note to self: this will not always happen, don’t get used to it.

I am tempted to be driven towards losing weight to rekindle an old flame but I am trying very hard to stay on the healthy path for my own health and not let it become something where I want to look pretty to maintain the relationship.

In lieu of going out tonight, I will cook for my lunch the next couple days. Maybe some rice noodle and veggie meat crumbles stuffed peppers.

I need to find some good recipes. I am not necessarily going vegetarian but I do find some of the veg recipes taste better.

We shall see.

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