Happy New Year!

I love that so many people are jumping on the health bandwagon and ready to blog about their weight loss journey.  It’s been so quiet around the blog world for the past couple of months.

You can find me blogging at That’s Just Me.  2012 was a year of maintenance, although I did have a weight gain (which I lost just before the end of the year).  I haven’t really lost weight since 2010 … it would be okay if I was close to my goal, but I’m not.  I’ve got 40 pounds to normal.  (hey, wouldn’t that be a great title for a blog?)

I did manage to lose a couple of years of my blog … had a backup but it turned out my host (go daddy) couldn’t convert it from drop box.  🙁  My advice is back up often and make sure your back up can be restored.

I am starting the new year trying the 17 day diet.  I do best with primal-type of eating (limited carbs), but I find it hard to stick to it.  I’m hoping with the 17 DD I can have enough “other” carbs (outside of low-carb vegetables) to keep me on task.

By my lonesome …

I’ve mentioned before that I get up at 5:45 am to do my 3 miles.  It isn’t only because it’s cooler then (it was 42 degrees this morning … perfect!).  It’s also because I don’t like to walk with a lot of other people around.

I like to walk with Mac, my dh, but other than him I’d rather walk alone.  And not only do I not want anybody walking with me, I don’t want to have other people walking where I’m walking.

Weird, I know.  Part most of it is that I don’t want to feel less than.  Like everybody else is faster and stronger and better than me.  If I’m by myself, then the only person I have to prove anything to is myself.

So I get out there first thing in the morning before other people are out.  I meet most of them when I’m headed back and they are just starting out which is fine.  I just don’t want some 70-year old broad passing me going uphill.

I have, however, been going into town for the past week to get my 3 miles in.  Mainly because I’ve had stuff I needed to get done in town and because it means I don’t have to get up so early.  the view isn’t as stunning, but it’s pretty with the tree-lined streets and gorgeous older (100 years plus) homes.

Eating has been blech.  I do well for most of the day and then the second I have the least amount of flour, I’m searching for more and more and more.  I know the answer is to not have the first bite of flour and/or sugar, but I guess there’s a part of me that just doesn’t want to believe that I can’t, can’t, can’t.  And it’s not like I’m not suffering because of it … I’ve got the inflammation and the subsequent swelling in my joints.  Not good.  I know that the 3 miles alone isn’t going to get me where I want to be unless I get my eating under control along with it.  I know that.

I need to quit talking and start acting.

summer fun

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Continual company … at one point we had 16 people staying with us.  We were using all the beds, blow-up mattresses and available floor space.

Managed to get out and do my 3 miles at least four days a week by getting up and out of the house by 5:45 am.

Eating has been okay.  Nothing in excess, lots of salads and fresh vegetables.  Tried to avoid flour products for the most part, but had french toast one day and cookies several times. Haven’t gotten on the scale for a couple of weeks … but I can tell by the way my clothes fit that I haven’t lost anything.

I have four days until the next bunch of company arrives.  They’ll be here for six days, then two days with no company, and then the last lot will be here for two weeks.  Will spend the next four days scrubbing floors, changing beds and cleaning bathrooms.  My windows need to be cleaned inside and out, but I’ll wait to do it until all the two year olds leave.  🙂

I really need to quit skating by, thinking I’m doing okay because I’m not gaining (although I guess I wouldn’t know for sure if I had gained since I’m not weighing 🙁 ), and get back into just eating fresh vegetables and protein.

When I don’t weigh daily …

it’s not always because I’m too busy.  Or am doing well.  Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to know what the number is.

I know, what a shock.

I do have the excuse that I’m retaining fluid badly in my legs … 4+ edema if anybody is keeping track.  And it isn’t going down much overnight.  It’s all because of the heat.  I don’t like to take diuretics because they are only a temporary solution.  The swelling will go down on its own once the heat breaks.  Meanwhile, though, I know it adds anywhere from 5 to 8 pounds to my weight and I don’t want to see that.

I have gotten out every morning and done my 3 miles.  It’s still a struggle getting up the last hill … I don’t stop but I’m breathing pretty hard.  It’s only been a week, though, so I’m hoping with consistency it will get better.


I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten in my three miles every day.  It’s involved getting up at 6 am, but at least I’ve avoided any semblance of heat. My right knee is kind of swollen today … I can’t decide if I should take a day off or not.

This morning I was thinking taking a day off was a good idea, but I spent the day on my feet and actually felt better at the end of the day, so I’m thinking keeping moving might be a better idea. I did take some ibuprofen to help with the swelling.

Meanwhile I have had WAY too much sugar … For some reason I thought I could handle making caramels.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had a worse idea. I ended up throwing them in the garbage because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist them. I did manage to toss them after eating inhaling only four pieces. I suspect that also contributed to my swollen joints.

I need to get back to doing push ups and squats every day.  I was doing 50 to 75 of each a day, but just got out of the habit.  It’s easy to do, just a matter of getting started.

Happy 4th of July!

We finally have sunshine again and it’s going to be a beautiful day.  I got up early and got my 3 miles done.  Came home to a breakfast of 2 over-medium eggs and 2 slices of bacon.  We leave for the family get-together in a little while.  I’m not worried about eating there … they tend not to have things that appeal to me (white bread, deli turkey, chips … yuck).  I’ll stick to fresh vegetables (which I’m bringing) and eat when we come back home.

I’m still only down a pound, which is good, but I was hoping things would move a little faster.  I have been having a little of this and little of that here and there.  (like a couple of bites of a hot fudge sundae last night :X)  Definitely not eating too many calories, just eating a few too many of the wrong (for me) kind of calories.  If I’m serious about losing the weight, then I need to be cognizant of what I’m putting in my body, and quit with any sugar or grains.

So this morning was a great start.  Exercise, eating right.

Now to keep it up for the rest of the day.

Hope everybody has a great 4th and stays safe.

Three miles …

did it again today.  The hills get a little easier each time.  Probably won’t get it done tomorrow since we’re expecting more rain.  I’ve been able to get away with sleeping in and then going out, but once summer finally gets here I’ll drag myself out of bed by 6 am just to avoid the heat.*

*heat being a relative term.  If I get out by 6 am it’s usually around 50-55 degrees.  If I wait until 7:30 am it’s all the way up to 60 degrees.  I know, can you believe the heat???? I don’t like sweating so I try to avoid walking in anything over 65 degrees.

I could have enjoyed some cantaloupe today, but didn’t want to go to the store and didn’t have any in the house so did without.  I’ve been rather disinterested in food lately which is good because it means I’m not grazing all the time, but not so good because I have no enthusiasm for going to the grocery store or preparing meals.  I’ve got at least one more day’s worth of vegetables and protein, but probably should drag myself to the grocery store tomorrow.  We’ve been invited onto somebody’s yacht (la-di-da) for the 4th (in-laws of one of my nieces) and we’ll probably go.  It’s fun to watch the fireworks from the lake.

I’ve found I’ve been a bit of a slug lately, outside of my 3 miles.  I’ve got some computer work that I want to get done before the kids all start arriving and it’s requiring many hours sitting at my desk.  I get involved and don’t remember to get up and move around.  I was setting my alarm to go off hourly, but I found I just turned it off and then got distracted and didn’t get up anyway.  Oh, well, the kids and grandkids will be here soon enough and I’ll be thinking back with longing of the days of being able to sit and work for hours on end without interruption.

It was a bigger deal in my mind …

than in reality.  The cake that is.  I ended up not even being aware when they cut it and not even having the least desire for a piece.  Normally I’d be the one wielding the cake-cutting knife so that I could be sure to get a piece with the most frosting.  Instead I’m oblivious to the whole thing.

It helped that I had some delicious tri-tip and fake potato cauliflower salad for dinner, along with some fresh vegetables.

Woke up this morning (actually several times during the night) to lightning, thunder and pouring rain.  No walking outside today.  It’s supposed to move on, though, so tomorrow should be good for 3 miles.

I’m having a tough time today, though, feeling like doing anything but sitting and reading.  I miss the sun!


Finally!  I got woken up early by the sun streaming in my bedroom window.  It felt wonderful.  I jumped out of bed, put on my exercise clothes, and walked a hilly 3 miles before we left for my sil’s. It felt fabulous.  I didn’t have any problems with making it up the hills, although I must say that last summer it was easier.

It is so nice to have sunshine.  We’ve had nothing but grey clouds and rain for the past month; after a while you begin to think that the sun is never going to shine again. The whole world just seems brighter with a little bit of sunshine.

Unfortunately, I also got an unpleasant reminder that I’m ten pounds over what I was last summer when I put on some summery clothes for the first time this year.  They aren’t tight by any means, but they aren’t as loose as I like them either.  Just one more incentive to get this weight off.

Although I must say that my first thought was that I should go ahead and eat a treat since it was obvious that I really did need to lose weight.  Convoluted thinking I know, but that’s seriously how my mind works.

I have managed so far to avoid all the treats at the party and confine my eating to chicken and fresh vegetables.  I wasn’t even going to start with the fruit which just happened to include fluffy dips made of sugary goodness.  It wasn’t as easy as it has been, but so far so good.

We still have one more meal to get through, but I wanted to come blog to remind myself of what I’m doing and why.  They are already bringing out the chips and dips and more fruit.  And somebody who obviously hates me brought a chocolate-chocolate Costco cake which is my favorite.  I’m not even going to have the smallest taste of it because I’ve already been down that road and it leads to nowhere but heartache.  🙂  Fortunately we will leave later this evening and it won’t be coming with us.

Does anything taste better …

than perfectly ripe cantaloupe?

Not in my world.  It’s only around for a couple of weeks (at least in my part of the world) so I do indulge while I can.  (I’m aware that you can get it almost year round, but I want it at the perfect stage of freshness which requires it be grown locally.  Hence it only being available for a short period of time.)

I woke up early (5:30 am) to walk before my dentist appointment but it was pouring rain.  Just as well, as I would only have gotten about 6 hours of sleep and would have paid for it later.  As it was I slept for another two hours and almost missed my appointment.  For some reason any time I fall back asleep like that I always sleep really hard.

We have  a family get-together tomorrow at Mac’s sister’s house about 90 minutes away.  I’m taking cookies (hence the post the other day about baking).  Fortunately I already have them in the freezer so can still avoid the baking for the time-being.  I also have some home-made cake-waffle ice cream sandwiches which I’ll take, along with a faux-potato cauliflower salad.  There are going to be 50 to 75 people there so we all contribute with the food.  If it’s not raining, I’ll get up and walk before we leave.

Summer is always a tough time for me to lose weight.  Partly because there’s so much more going on and so much more food available.  I am outside more (well, as long as it isn’t raining) and move more, but I also eat more.  Over the last three summers I’ve managed to maintain, but this year I have those 10 extra pounds that I need to lose.

I know what I need to do.  I need to eat healthy for me and limit the extras.  Pretty easy, right?

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