My Journey begins

This blog will record my journey to a new healthier me. The time is right for me to shed the weight I am finally ready to do this.

Calorie counting works but I become fixated with counting calories to the point that I see food as calories only. This is not a healthy thing to happen the same thing happens when I count points so I need a diffrent line of attack.

I am using a smaller plate and sectioning it off like this, 1/4 is for Protein 1/4 for Carbs 1/2 for vegetables. Foods like stews, casseroles, shepherds pie, curry, pasta bakes and other foods like this don’t fit the plan. For these I have 1/2 the plate for the stew or whatever it is I am having and 1/2 the plate for salad or cooked vegetables. This plan works for me so I am sticking with it.

Exercise! I am the worlds worst at this so I came up with a plan. Dancing, Walking and Chair Exercise. I have a mobility problem that makes standing very painful so chair exercise provides me with support and I can still get a good workout. Does it work? Yes it does.

I plan to set myself achievable goals each week in the form of challenges to keep me motivated and on track.

This then is my plan and I will record what I do and how I get onĀ  each week. 2012 is the year for me I can do this.