I swear I swear I will not let this Journal just die.

Ok, Surgery Update.

I am now just shy of 5 weeks post op.  After a few hiccups during surgery (bleed and needed blood tranfusion) I am well and truely on the mend and the love for my sleeve is growing and growing.

The first week, I was in hospital for most of it.  I didn’t start liquids until day 3, and then it was just broth (yuck) and juices.  I sipped very tiny sips, because mouthful gulping is just not an option, plus it scared me to take more than a tiny tiny sip.

By the end of week two I was on thicker soups.  It was a godsend to be able to have a little savoury in my diet, and I must say, I did crave the ability to chew!! I wear a mouth plate, so couldn’t chew gum, but if you can I recommend you chew chew chew gum.  As my mouth actually started hurting, and I believe it was the lack of chewing.  My teeth got sore as did my gums.

Now I’m onto soft foods, I have made a couple of mistakes.  One was eating 5 chips/fries in week 4.  I thought it would be soft, but perhaps I didn’t chew them enough, but they made me feel yuck all day, and by my evening meal hours later I threw up.  That is the only time I have been sick.  But there has been a couple of occasions where I have not been focused on what I was doing when eating (busy talking, or watching tv) and ate too fast, and too much.  You must remember even that tiny mouthful over and it can make you very uncomfortable for hours after.

But I’m 16 Kilograms down and feeling a lot better about my sleeve.  I still have a few moments where I feel like I’m almost “mourning” food, as I can barely eat anything – and sometimes I still get the urge to dive into a bag of chips.  But I’m doing much better.  I have become very creative in my cooking now, I love cooking and experimenting with food – I love creating dishes instead of just cooking a meal.

6 days Pre Op

My Goodness.

6 days to go.  Can we say nervous?  No no….terrified?

I’ve been having many doubts the past 48 hours.  Not just because of the surgery and that worry, but the afterlife (no no, not THAT afterlife, I mean life after surgery).

Food has always been right up there on my list of vices, in fact it’s been my MAIN vice.  I’m just having fears how I will cope with the everyday stress of life, love, relationships, family, work etc without my glorious food.  I guess I’m just doubting my own strengths, my own ability and determination.  I know I shouldn’t but damn it’s hard not to in times like this.

My Super is process (or should be today) So I will be paying my surgeon tomorrow, and from there there’s no turning back….

I just need to give myself a good shake… – but I’m so waterlogged on Optifast I’m worried I’ll sail away if I do! LOL

2 Weeks Pre-Op


Today is the first milestone really.  I started my pre-op Diet of Optifast Shakes.  Not at all as bad as I was predicting.  I feel hungry this afternoon, but not the point that I’ll collapse from lack of food.  And I’ve yet to have my two cups of allocated free vegies.  So so far so good.

I got my approval for release of my Super today!!! Very excited.  Hopefully the release of funds won’t take too long – as I have to account Easter in the middle of this hectic run of events.  Gosh its going to be a very close call.

It seems starting the pre diet has me in the mind set that this is very real now and actually going to happen.  Quite a nervous feeling to be honest.  I guess I’ve been very relaxed about it, even in the mind that it may not go ahead….but now I have my pre op diet underway, my Super release approval – Yikes.  I’m actually doing this!!!

Hold onto your hats!

3 weeks 3 days Pre-Op

So today was my only Dietician appointment until 4 weeks post op – so talk about information overload!

It’s all very real after today.  I begin my Optifast diet 2 weeks, so April 1st.  (Phew, just sneaking in Easter in there!).

I have also booked my flights down and back.  D Day today really! Countdown has really begun.  Exciting and terrifying all in a neat little bundle.

Not sure how I’m going to handle the two week optifast lol – Of course I will though, because I have no choice.  Well I do, but I don’t – if that makes sense?

Still very apprehensive about traveling and being down there alone without family  – I think the first 48 hours are making me the most nervous, I’m a big family girl – and being alone down there does scare me stupid.  But I’m sure it will be a minor thing when I’m looking back 12 months from now….

And breathe………………..

I guess I need to think about taking Before photos….

3 Weeks 5 Days Pre-Op

Ok, notice how I use the countdown as a title?  Nuts I know but it kind of makes me a wee bit more excited.

I guess now that I’m madly in planning phase that the realisation that I’m actually doing this is starting to kick in.  I’m still excited, but I’ll be honest and say I’m also getting a wee bit freaked out too!  My Hubby cannot travel down with me (6 hour drive each way – thankfully I’m flying!) as he has to stay behind to care for our son, plus he has no leave available for work.  My Mother, who has been the rock in my life is so stricken down with illness, and sadly will not improve – is not able to travel….And my sister, who is my best friend, lives two states away and is pregnant and also has a son – leaving little old (or big old?) me to do this alone.  I mean not alone alone, I have so much motivational support in my family, but alone physically – meaning I won’t have anyone there patting my hand when i wake up telling me it’s ok and the pain will ease….I’m a big Sook when it comes to pain, so this side of the surgery scares me to death.  I’ve been watching video blogs on youtube – good or bad thing? I’m not sure.  So I’m kind of psyching myself up as best I can and just keeping fingers crossed I have sweet caring nurses at the hospital who’ll give me the care my family would if they were there.

It’s going to be a long journey – but well worth the distance.

Hello world – This is me!

Hi Everyone.

Well I figured I’d post a blog, because basically when I was researching this for personal experiences I couldn’t find many consistent blogs or diarys and it drove me crazy!! So I PROMISE to keep this updated as often as I can along my journey.

I am having the Gastric Sleeve on the 8th of April 2013.  This Thursday the 14th March I have my dietician appointment to begin my process of weight loss and start my liquid diet (fun fun!).  I am going through North Shore Weight Loss Surgery in Sydney.  I will refrain from naming my Dr for public liability reasons but I’m happy for you to contact me for his details privately.

I’m super excited, not nervous at all (ok, maybe a little nervous?!).  I’m 34 years old and I was horrified at my Surgeon Appt. to discover a now weight 127.9Kgs.  I have a 2 year old Son, and in recent times have watch my mothers health fade dramatically.  She is overweight, and has been most of her life and it’s been a very emotional journey watching her fading before us.  I promised myself my son will not watch me go through what I watch my mother go through.  My husband and I want more children, it’s our #1 goal…but due to my weight and the issues because of it my son was conceived through IVF.  I’d love to be able to fall naturally and feel my weight is one of my biggest issues in achieving this.

There are a hundred other reasons and I’ll go into detail as my story unfolds…but I’ve babbled on enough for now 😀