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I’ve been thinking about why I stopped working out and eating right and the only thing I can really come up with (aside from the $$ issues) is work. I’m trying to start my own business and I’ve been working my butt off for the past month. I had 10 photo shoots on top of raising a toddler who has reached her Terrible Two’s a few months too early. (Though, I might add my hubby will debate the word “work” since I didn’t make a damn dime; I was doing free sessions for portfolio build-up.)

I guess I have a one-track mind because I just got away from the weight-loss goals. What’s a half-hour in the evenings? I can do this. I know I can, I just have to push myself!

So I did end up going to the gym, though my workout was really craptastic compared to those of the past. I quit after 20 minutes – I just couldn’t go any longer. My shirt was SOAKED and I had sweat dripping off of my chin. *yuck* 20 minutes! That’s it! That was less than a mile on the treadmill and a little more than 1 on the bike. I suck.

I’m Back

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I fell off the wagon, hit the ground, skinned my chin and managed to gain back (almost) every freaking ounce that I worked off.

Freaking lovely. I don’t know what happened, honestly. We had some $$ issues, car issues, etc and I just couldn’t stop eating. Actually, I’m still like that. Everything goes into my mouth and I can’t stop!!!!

I’m definitely hitting the gym tonight. I’m so disappointed with myself. I need to get back on this!


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I really got off track, but I’m back.
Hopped on the scale this morning and 247.4. I was SO surprised… it’s a few pounds down since the last time I weighed in, but I’m not banking on it staying that way.

I’ve been eating OKAY… portion sizes still good, but I ate fast-food way too many times lately because I’ve been booked with photo shoots and have been on the run.

Exercise and water consumption have been non-existent! *wince* I really need to get back!!

Back on Track

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I fell off track again yesterday. I seriously don’t even want to go into it, though I’ve gotten to the root of the problem: I’ve been so committed and focused that I didn’t allow myself to cheat at all. So I ruined two good days this week shoving food in my face, trying to make up for lost times. Sigh.

Luckily, I was only up a half-pound this morning after not even working out. Whew! I’ve been good today though I think I need to eat a little more so that I get enough calories. Hopefully I see a loss tomorrow… keeping my fingers crossed that I at least get back down to where I was earlier in the week. Toes crossed that I lose more than that so I can change my ticker. 😛

The workout was SO hard tonight. I guess skipping a night really does make a difference because I was sweating *everywhere* and panting even though I only got to do 1.5 miles on the treadmill and 1.5 on the bike.

On a note outside of weightloss and exercising, I’m feeling kind of blue. I miss my family terribly and my mom isn’t answering my phone calls. I have NOBODY here to talk to so I’ve been turning to my online buddies… but I really, really miss my family. My husband’s been a jerk, too. I’ve basically just been blah. I hope my spirits lift soon because I hate feeling like this.

Exercise Tonight

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Okay, so I worked out tonight. 6 miles on the treadmill, about 3.5 minutes per mile at level 3/4. My heart was pumping after 20 minutes and I couldn’t go any longer. At least I got my body moving… hopefully my 4 slices of pizza don’t show up on the scale tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!!

Oh, and I’ve had about 4L of water again. 🙂


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Yesterday was crazy. 1500 calories, 4 liters of water, 7 miles exercised. I was a mile into my workout on the treadmill when the power went off (once AGAIN!) and I was literally thrown off. Grrr. So I hopped on the bike instead and did 6 miles.

So my water-retained pound disappeared along with 1.6 other pounds.

And then…. I messed up again today. DH came home early from work because there was a fire at the building he’s working at. He came home with a pizza, which was apparently what I was looking for in my calorie-deprived diet.

So I ate… and ate… and ate… 4 pieces. Big pieces. I knew what I was doing and I was okay with it because I was starving. I really need to figure something else out with my diet. I can’t keep doing great and then crashing like that at the slightest thought of comfort food. Bah!

Oh well, back on the horse tomorrow. I just hope I don’t gain from it!

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

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Up a pound. 🙁 While I ate bad yesterday, I also stayed busy and worked my butt off at the gym. I’m 80% sure it’s just water retention since I only drank about half my water this weekend. My fingers are swollen, too. Here’s to hoping the pound drop fast!

Let me tell you about my weekend…

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Saturday I did pretty good, though I didn’t end up eating dinner until after 10pm (Lean Pocket). I had two photo shoots that evening and let me tell you something… HOLY. CRAP. I didn’t go to the gym, but I got my work out! It was 95 degrees out and HUMID and I was there running around in it for 2.5 hours. My second session was easier – it was cooler and a little quicker.


I woke up today feeling SO sore! I work out in a gym 5x a week and am hardly sore. I spend 2.5 hours going up and down up and down up and down and I feel like a fragile old lady the next day. Go figure! I didn’t lose any weight today but I didn’t expect to, either.

On the eating note, I didn’t do great. It was Mothers Day today so Hubs made me breakfast (eggs & turkey bacon) and we had pizza for lunch and dinner (fancy, huh? haha). 300 cals a slice – I had 4 today. Eeeeeeek! I’m 99% sure I overdid it today. I’m just hoping I don’t see it on the scale tomorrow morning.

Exercise – 5.5 miles! 1.5 on the treadmill wogging & 4 on the bike. I CANNOT do more than 1.5 when I wog…. I tried, I really, really did but it was just not happening.

So that’s my weekend. I hope the Mommies had a great Mothers Day – I did! 🙂

Oh! And I bought a new pair of workout pants. XL, baby (but they barely fit)… Who knew 8 pounds could make a difference. 😉

Yay for 5 miles!

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I had an absolute GREAT workout tonight. I’m so glad I went. I hadn’t been planning on it today (was going to give myself the night off) but I got my lazy arse off of the couch and went. And guess what? I exercised more tonight than I EVER have in one go. I’m so proud of myself!

1.5 miles JOGGED. Seriously, this was ALL I could do, but I JOGGED it at 3.8mph (slow jog for some but it was pretty steady for me).

3.5 miles on the bike – levels 3&4 (not too hard but my legs were burning like crazy)

Tonights work-out really motivated me. I’m actually doing this, and have been for 3 weeks now… and I’m doing great!

I messed up

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So, apparently I haven’t been getting enough calories. I overindulged/binged last night and ended up losing a 1/2 pound overnight. I’m happy for it, but I don’t think it was deserved – I could’ve done better!

That said, I went to exercise last night and the treadmill was out again. Pissed, I hopped on the bike and rode for 20 minutes on a pre-set program that KICKED MY BUTT. I could only do 20 minutes – my legs were SHAKING.

Hopefully the ‘mill is up tonight – I’ll do 2 miles there and then hop on the bike.

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