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Day three, four, and five ~ unfortunate

Hello ~

It has been an exhausting and crazy few days:

Day 3: Mommy came by to help me and I asked her to bring me some goodies, this is the worst!! My family is the slightly unhealthier, meaning they will buy chocolate, they will snack on pastries, etc. Anyways she brought me 2 Lindt Lindor Chocolates. They are so good! Melt in your mouth!! hehe and then I ate two of these delicious trail mix bars, about 140 calories each. So there those were the 4 items that I should not have eaten. I feel guilty.

Day 4: The hubby was home, so I was really good and did not eat anything crazy. Bo-ring. lol, no I am glad I didn’t but I wish I had this type of self control when he wasn’t home.

Day 5: Terrible, I couldn’t resist the darn mini chocolate muffins his parents bought for breakfast or whatever from Costco. Anyway at 100 calories each, I ate 4 this morning. Jeeeeez. Pure disappointment.

Actually yesterday and today, I have not had a lot of breast milk. It makes me sad…um…I said this before, I am not dieting right now, I would not want to take away from my breast milk, honestly I think I am not drinking enough water and/or I am not getting enough nutrients because I sleep so much I eat about 3 times a day, like should I eat more meals? You know what I mean? I am only really awake for 12 hours at a time, if I don’t nap in the middle of those 12 hours, because if I get up during my sleeping 12 hours for the baby, I get up and then go to sleep.

So I am trying to have more soup again because when I first got home from the hospital, I was given a lot of soup, this helped with the breast milk, I really do not want to lose my breast milk!!! I want the best nutrients for my baby!!

– J

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