Goodbye Week 1…

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So last night I completed day 3 of week 1 and it wasn’t too bad.  Much better than day 2.  Tomorrow starts week 2, hopefully it won’t be too hard…

C25K Week1 Day 2

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Today felt harder than Tuesday.  I don’t know if my legs were more tired or what, but I made it!  We ran less distance of 1.12 miles but I think we ran faster but walked slower.  Either way we did it! 🙂

C25K Week 1 Day 1

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Well today I started the c25k program and I must say I’m quite proud of myself.  I did a lot better than I thought I would, in fact, I thought it was pretty easy.  I took it easy because I was with my friend who hadn’t really exercised in awhile and I know she was a little unsure of herself as well.  But she did good too and did all the intervals with out stopping.  We completed 1.2 miles, and I think that is pretty good 🙂

On track…

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So with the week almost done, I’m proud to say that I have worked out 4 days this week.  Sunday was my run/walk, Monday I took the day off because I was so exhausted, Tuesday was an intense cardio workout at the gym, Wednesday was weight lifting at the gym, and today I did another run/walk with Mylie.  Tomorrow will be my off day and most likely Saturday will be too.  I’m proud that I’ve kept up on my workouts.  My body isn’t liking me nearly as much but hopefully it will soon forgive me.  Amanda will hopefully get the Drs ok and we can start the C25K on Monday,

Run Forrest Run!!!

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Well today I went on my first run/walk in who knows how long.  It was only about a mile but I ran probably 3/4 of it and hey, its a start right?  My goal is to do this on the days I don’t go to the gym.  I feel good though 🙂

My first blog…

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Ok well I don’t usually write blogs but i figured if I was updating on my progress, maybe it would better motivate me and people could lend some advice.  Anyways…I have always been heavier than most, and even though I was active as a child and through high school I was never “thin.”  Around the first of the year, my boyfriend and I decided we needed to start eating better and exercising.  With the help of a website and him, I was able to reduce my caloric intake to around 1800 calories a day and working out 2-3 times a day.  It was tough at first, it made me super tired and at times i could hardly stay awake.  After a couple weeks I started feeling better and lost 10 lbs!  I couldn’t believe it.  For about 2 months I was hardcore at sticking to my diet.  Then the weight started coming off I lost a little over 20 lbs but then for some reason I just got lazy.  I didn’t go back to my bad eating habits, but I did find myself cheating more often and exercising less.  It has been about a month and I haven’t gained any weight back, but I haven’t lost any either.  I want to get back on track but need some motivation.  My boyfriend hasn’t been much help either.  His motivation is worse than mine and I often go and workout and he doesn’t.  So I’m just looking for some motivation, all types gladly accepted 🙂