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12 Jun, 2010

2 Day Fast Formula

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I slept in this morning a littl e more than I wanted to but I wanted to put my shake as late as possible-putting it off I guess. I got the blender out, crushed some ice cubes up and through in the powder with 7 oz of water (It calls for 8 oz of water per serving but the ice cubes cause for the additional amount). I smelled the mixture and it smelled familiar-like a protein shake. It definitely smelled like a health shake! I poured shake into a glass and grabbed a straw-took my first sip. YUMMM! I couldn’t believe it. It still has the flavor of a health shake but is also has a brownie batter taste! So good. Even as we speak, I’m waiting for the ice to melt so I can suck up the rest!!  I’m off to go swimming.

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