2 Day Fast Formula- Day 1 Conclude

Did pretty well today as far as keeping to my shakes. I did however sneak a piece of chicken and stuffing earlier. I couldn’t help it! I made it last night and was too full from my artichoke to finish it and it was soooo good.

Lunch: Shake 2 12:15 PM

Broke down and had my chicken that I mentioneed earlier but it wasn’t out of hunger, it was out of curiousity and poor will. HAHA! I was really hungry, I haven’t gotten hunger pangs at all today- even after I swam this morning for about a half hour. Still tastes good…thank God!

Dinner: 730PM

I don’t know if it was the swimming or the lack of food today but I crashed out for a couple hours. Felt a littly groggy after I woke up too. I drank down my shake with some ice. The lunch shake didn’t have as much ice therefore wasn’t very cold. Thank God I filled the ice trays after lunch!

I still really want regular food and I feel like I’m going to binge any second but I am in control for the moment. I feel fine.  I have been taking it pretty easy. I hope tomorrow doesn’t get too bad. I WANT FOOD! REAL FOOD! Chicken and rice please! God I can’t wait until Monday morning! I can have cereal again!

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