Doctor’s Orders…?

Went to finally see my doctor…and what did he say? Drop my caloric intake to 1000 a day! I reminded him that he had told me the year before to do 1500 but because I wasn’t dropping weight fast enough to get out of my danger zone, aka obesity, he wants me to drop the amount. I asked whether this would be safe and he said that at this point, it is less damage to drop weight quickly and have your hunger resort to your existing fat and eat it away then to continue losing 1 lb every other week..which is not fast enough. He was getting up as I was still asking him questions and with one hand on the door handle I asked him in complete desperation what he thought about my 2 day fast shake I wanted to do (which I wasn’t originally going to tell him about) and he said to give it a try!  WHAT?! What doctor wants you to have 1000 calories a day and have a 2 day fast?  Oh well, he has been right about everything else regarding my messed up health history. Why not this too?

He did finally put me back on metformin again which I am happy about. It’ll hopefully boost my weight loss again! Good news!


Anyway-got my 2 day fast from carbs today so I am going to go read the instructions. This weekend I am planning to be down to 276!

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