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New year again, and so far I’m off to a pretty decent start. Down 12 lbs for the new year, and setting some routines in place to keep things going.  Yay for a solid deadline (turning 40) to make things a little more real.  Low carb again, with a calorie limit added in.  Exercise, at [...]

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Just got finished a three practice day for the kids. No exercise this morning I let myself get talked out of going swimming. Planning to get up tomorrow for body combat, have my clothes laid out.  Tired now, signing off.

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Workout plan - beginning with a home made plan to start, will add on help if I need to
Mon - swim AM
Tues - body combat AM
Wed - swim AM
Thurs - Body Combat AM
Fri - swim AM
Eventually I want to add back in walking/running, biking and weights, but from here until Halloween, I’m sticking with this [...]

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I’ll come back and post my daily blog, but first some goals.
Columbus Day Oct 8-Starting weight 248.6 (size 24 comfortably/size 22 tightly)
Halloween Oct 31- 235 (size 22 comfortably )
Thanksgiving Nov 22-228(size 22 comfortably-squeezing into 20’s)
Christmas Dec 25th - 220(size 20 comfortably)
Martin Luther king Jan 21 - 212(size 20 comfortably/tight 18’s)
Valentines Feb 14th - 208(size 18 [...]

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Actually, this has been a pretty long journey and it’s taken me a while to get back to the point that I feel focused.  I have some goals, and a plan for getting there.  No more excuses; I have the time, willpower and determination to do this.

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