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Well, that was a bit rough; back up to 274.4, actually the highest ever.  :(  But, getting back into the swing of things; started a 5 lb challenge last monday, and finished it this Monday.  Started a new one and hopefully it will be the start of a positive trend.

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And I’m right back to where I was, weight wise.  Still exercising 3-4 days a week, still powerlifting, but apparently my diet is so out of control that I can’t keep up with it.

So no long term goals: just baby steps at a time.  Lose 5 lbs.  I’ll weigh in tomorrow, and plan out my food for the next 3 days, as well as my families.  Low carb, as that is all that seems to work for me.  I have this.

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Well, somewhat as usual, I’m no where near where I want to be on my weight loss goals; however, something else is different.  I’ve been a committed exerciser since september, and although I’m no where near the 200# I was hoping for, I do fit the size range I was hoping to. Most of my clothes are 18’s, and I can even pry into some 16’s.  I just still weigh 238#.  So I’m going to keep working on that parthallenge 1: New Years Day to Valentine’s Day (January 1st to February 14th)

There is a challenge list on the forum, looking to start in a week; I am going to jump into the third challenge and set goals from there.
Challenge 3: April Fools Day until Mother’s Day (April 1st to May 10th) – Weight 230#
Challenge 4: Mother’s Day until Independence Day (May 10th to July 4th) – Weight 220#
Challenge 5: Independence Day to Labor Day (July 4th to September 7th) – Weight 210#
Challenge 6: Labor Day to Columbus Day (September 7th to October 12th) Weight 205#
Challenge 7: Columbus Day until Thanksgiving Day (October 12th to November 26th) Weight 200#
Challenge 8: Thanksgiving Day to New Years Eve (November 26th to December 31st) Weight 195#

Onederland by christmas?  I’m down with that.  Overall I’m looking to get my bodyweight to meet my muscle improvements, so I can do Pull Ups.  Thats a good christmas goal.

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New start, and all that; no need to belabor the obvious that previous starts didn’t work.  I’m not motivated, just committed this time.   Non negotiable.  Mistakes will happen, just move on from errors, and back to true asap.

Exercise: Daily – reach fit band goal of 2000 Fuel points/10,000 steps

Sept 2-14 – walk 2.1 miles every weekday

Sept 15-20 – walk 2.1 mile/add in core exercises

Sept 21-27 – begin c25k


Labor Day Sept 1-Starting weight 261.3 (size 24 comfortably/size 22 tightly)

September equinox  Sept 23 – 245

Columbus Day – Oct 13-231

Halloween Oct 31- 227 (size 22 comfortably )

Thanksgiving Nov 22-222(size 22 comfortably-squeezing into 20’s)

Christmas Dec 25th – 219 (size 20 comfortably)

Martin Luther king Jan 19 – 212(size 20 comfortably/tight 18’s)

Valentines Feb 14th – 208(size 18 comfortably)

St. Pattys march 17th -200(size 18 comfortably/some tight 16’s)

Easter April 5th – 195(size 16 comfortably)

Mother’s Day May 10 – 188 (size 16 Comfortably

Memorial day May 25 – 185(size 16 comfortably/some tight 14’s)

July 4th – 175(size 14 tight/comfortably)

Labor Day sept 7 – 164(size 14 comfortably/some tight 12s)

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