Lap-Band Surgery journals

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Day 3 after operation:
Today was different…
I woke in the middle of the night feeling pain around the large wound. In the morning I found traces of blood spots on my sheets, I think they were from the wound, and there was pain around the port area… I know that the doctor, had a few stitches around the band, and around the port to keep it in place, it’s not a common practice by the way, it depends on the surgeon… and the band type.
Breakfast at home, I had the same…
Apple juice,
Green tea.
And water…
Pain: got worse, so I took a painkiller that dissolves in water, which was given by the doctor… it did the job… pain has been here all day, the pain is around the port area, where the wound is large… it could be the muscles, or the inside tissue is getting back to normal…
The pain gets worse when I am sitting and try to get up… i need to hold my stomach, just as i was holding it in place, so teh pain will be less…
I have been walking around the house all day… to get my body back to normal…
Hunger: well hunger was there, but with the water and juices, it did the job… yet I have to do it slowly… or it hurts… you feel like something is not going down…so again, I would stand up and walk around for a few minutes.
There is one uncomfortable symptom which is the gas inside the body, that needs to go out (nurses were asking about this) anyhow, it has to do with two things, during the operation the body is pumped with CO2, giving the surgeon the space to do the operation.
Anyhow, day three is about to finish… it’s 10pm now my time, so… another day to come… will keep track.
So I slept OK, was till on the pain killers, and Saline, but was feeling ok.. still a little numb.
The nurse came with the same as the food for the night before,
vegetable broth,
Apple Juice,
Strawberry Juice,
So Again, just the jell-o and the juice, wasnt sure about the strawberry juice, but the nurse said, if you can tolerate it, it means ok…
Well so that was breakfast..
The doctor came at around 8.30am, and checked on me, he said all was fine 🙂
I asked if i can shower and walk… he said your good to do anything in moderation…
A dietation came after that with some information on what to eat, and how to structure the food intake, .. nothing that i didnt know before from reading… yet she said that for teh coming two weeks actually i wouldnt feel hunger at all?? i’m not sure about that … i mean being on clear liquids for two weeks 🙁 that was not looking good.

Was discharged around 2pm, and went home with only painkillers, nothing more, no vitamens, no supplements??!! doc. said i dont need, i will be just fine, well i hope so!?

First day at hoem was ok not that bad.
Pain: ok, feel the wounds hurting, but not unbearable.
Hunger: normal, didn’t feel i needed to eat much.

Operation Day March 1st

So I writting my blog back dated to keep track…
So i went into the surgery theatre at 9.05 am, and was out around 10.30 fully awake, but of course not feeling a thing?!
There are four cuts in my stomach, three around one inch, but the fourth is around 2inch, that is where the Port is placed, just under the left side rib.

I was in the recovery area for about an hour till before been taking to my room…
I was on Saline, and pain killers all day, but around 6pm, I was asked to take few drops of water…which i did and was ok, no nuasea or vometing, which was a good sign.

Around 8pm the nurse brought some chicken broth and apple juice, orange juice, water, and Jello… couldnt take the broth, but slowly over a period of three hours took in the jello and the apple juice, and water.

Pain :was minor due to the pain killers,
Hunger: No hunger at all, water was enough.

Day Before Op.

So tomorrow is my big day.. I’m nervous and a little worried, although its a normal procedure, still its going under the knives as they say.
I have been trying to cut down on food intake, tried to cut the carbs, but couldn’t, my surgeon said i could eat anything I wish, yet from reading, I should be on a low carb diet, his only advice was to stop eating by 10pm, tonight, to allow 12 hours of fasting.

So tomorrow I will get the Swiss Band put in my stomach, the brand is not clear to me, I beleive it’s the REALIZE band, but will be sure tomorrow.
I will be updating the blog on my daily progress, so see you all in a few days when I am a little better

Hello world!

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