B: greek yogurt with 1/2 banana and a nf latte
S: oatmeal with raisins
L: sushi (8 pieces)
S: fruit and nut bar
D: curried lentil soup with salad (romaine, carrots, cucumber, greek olives and sesame dressing)
S: 2 bites of a milky way (WHY?!), sliced apple with vanilla yogurt

Today I was stuck in training all day, but I managed to eat pretty decently (minus the late night snack). Pretty excited about that. Last night I ran and I was surprised that I didn’t do too badly! I ran a mile and a half without stopping at around a 4.5mph average. So, clearly I wasn’t sprinting, but I was more than jogging. If I can motivate myself I’ll run again tonight, or maybe take a walk with the hubbs, but honestly… reading about the super typhoon headed our way sounds so much cooler!

Happy Thursday, chickies!