It is a rainy mess here! I am seriously thinking this lack of sunshine is affecting my mood. Ick.

Breakfast- plain oatmeal w/2 strawberries
Lunch-(out to a teppenaki place, but I tried to be good and made them use olive oil instead of butter!) fish, soup, a small amount of rice, bean sprouts, salad, onions & potatoes. I know, random.
Dinner- will be miso soup and sushi, but I will practice restraint

Exercise-will be an hour on the treadmill. No excuses.
**Only squeezed out 20 minutes. 🙁 We got home so late after dinner that I hopped right on and my stomach was hurting.

In other news, I am so ready to leave work! It has been a productive day, but it’s nearly 3:30 and I am over it! I have no weekend plans now that school is over, which is nice, but stinky because it is going to rain all weekend so no beach or bike riding.

How are all my favorite chickies doing?! Brandie, I see you are plugging right along! I love your determination 🙂