Tuesday 1/26

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Well, I am shocked that I can say I have had two good days of eating in a row. It’s funny how planning and preparation make all the difference for me. I am either in control or wowza, I am not. Monday I did Day 1 of Insanity, which was just the fit test (but still hard!) and then at lunch I did 30 minutes on the stair stepper and some upper body weights. Today I ditched working out all together! This morning we over slept (I actually woke up, but I was freezing and not getting out of bed!!) and then I took a quick lunch and left work early to take my 4yo to Sesame Street Live, the USO edition. It was really great to have Elmo tell him that when Daddy is gone it is okay to feel sad, but that you need to help extra and do things to stay in touch. He got a cool little toy, too, and of course he loves that. Ironically his Daddy is not coming home tonight, because he has duty, so we read a book like Elmo suggested and now they are out like a light! Let’s see if I can remember my food for the day…

B: protein shake– 6oz skim, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop cake batter protein powder
S: oatmeal
L: turkey wrap, cheesestick, yogurt, grapes
S: some fruit, granola bar
D: rice, homemade stir fry with green beans, broccoli, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and some homemade miso soup (which I am getting good at making, but I had too much seaweed in this batch… it’s hard to tell because it is dehydrated when you put it in!)
S: leftover veggies only

And I think I drank only 1 bottle of water today. Oops!


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Okay, I seriously need a swift kick in the ass. I can feel all the old habits creeping back in and I don’t like it, but there is a part of me that just lets it happen! I am about 5-10 pounds heavier than I was when we left California, and I needed to lose 10-15 pounds then. The working out part I have down. It is in my schedule and accounted for every week. The diet part? I can’t find my groove here in Japan!! The problem all boils down to portion control. I can piss and moan about the food that I miss from California, but it isn’t going to change that it isn’t like that here. I need to find other go to fruits and veggies to have in stock. One of the problems is that the produce here is natural, which HELLO, I love!! but also I have realized that it spoils WAY faster than our GMO foods in the states. I can’t go to the store every day for fresh foods like the Japanese do. I am taking 6 hours of graduate classes this semester, just got a promotion at work so I am learning a new job with supervisory duties, and the boys still aren’t done with basketball season. The store every day is just not doable. So what can I do?? Also, lunch choices are limited because I work out at lunch (I work literally right in front of the gym) so I eat in like 10 minutes and there is no microwave at work! So it has to be a cold lunch. Really, the problem is dinner, though, and I know I am just too lazy. I am going to make myself plan this week’s menu out today and shop for it tomorrow (today we are driving up to Nago for the Cherry Blossom festival!)

Today I will make a change and be true to myself.


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Breakfast: oatmeal/coffee

Snack: clif bar and a Japanese version of a twinkie, which is healthy and OMG delicious! It had banana filling instead of fake cream. YUM.

Lunch: 2 tuna wraps (lo carb wrap), some pineapple

Snack: hot cocoa



Exercise: 30 minutes elliptical on cross country program, 30 minutes lower body weights

Water: lots!


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My gym buddy had a dental appt, so I took a rare opportunity to have lunch with my hubby! =]

Breakfast: oatmeal, coffee

Lunch: skinny chicken from Macaroni grill and bread (eek!) plus a chai latte after

Snack: power bar

Dinner: spaghetti with turkey meatballs

Snack: UGH! jelly belly jelly beans and a fun size bag of barbeque chips (clearly I am out of wine)

Water: lots!

Exercise: none, unless you count up and down the stairs all day at work.


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I need to get back to posting. I’ll write more later, but for now:


Breakfast: instant oatmeal and coffee (some Japanese with sugar and milk, not sure of calories as I don’t read Japanese)

Snack: Powerbar and water

Lunch: some Japanese noodle soup (?), water

Snack: crap ton of cashews

Dinner: taco bell “healthy menu” burrito and taco

Snack: glass of wine, cup of cocoa (not together!ha)

Water: at least 60 oz

Exercise: 30 min elliptical on weight loss program and day 1 of my dumbbell book (30 minutes weights)


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