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SO I haven’t logged food for 3 days, and frankly? Don’t care! I’m not being perfect or even good by any stretch of the imagination, but I am doing the best I can with the situation I am in. The movers will be here Monday and it has been crazy hectic to get organized. AGHHHH So far no weight gain and I am tying to stay active. At least that is good, right?

My sisters will be here in a few hours (with my son that I miss like CRAZY!) and we’re having a girls weekend!!! Mani-pedi action in the morn, followed by haircuts and shopping in downtown San Diego, and then we’re gonna hit the town! I’m wearing a LBD with some HOT red heels! Sunday we’re going to lounge on the beach and then Sunday night the hubby and I are going on a date! And then Monday the movers come and that night I have to take them back to the airport (BOO!). So, I’ll probably be gone all of this weekend, but I hope you chickies have a great one and stay true to your goals!!!


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Sorry I have been MIA. I am so freaking stressed out it’s unreal. This is my last week to pack, and Friday my sisters will be here so I am in overdrive. Funny thing though… I have made sure to hit my calorie burn target everyday, including jogging in place Saturday night so I could play a game with my son instead of going for another run/walk… and what is the result? A three pound gain. Yep. I should have lost 2.5 pounds according to the bodybugg, but seriously, SOMEONE HATES ME. WHy is losing weight so hard for me?? I just don’t get it. I can weigh myself one day and the next have gained 5 pounds… for NO reason. I’m just so discouraged. I feel like I work so hard and sacrifice so much, only to be let down in the end. I hate this feeling. This is the one thing that I try the hardest at, and no matter what I just can’t win. The first 3 weeks I did this I rocked it, and then the last two pretty much negated any progress. So in 5 weeks I have lost 5 pounds, walking and or running about 7-8 miles a day and keeping my calories in check around 1600. How is that even possible?? I’m just so close to saying screw it.

Thanks guys. I am over (mostly) my pity party now. Because? A worse thing has come along. My effin knee is HURTING! I am icing it right now. I think I am just overdoing it on the mileage. I did my morning walk and run and I think that is all the intentional exercise I am going to do today. Maybe the elliptical would be okay? I dunno, I just know that I have been doing laundry and packing all morning and it has been achy. It got so bad on one stretch of running that I had to stop and just walk. It makes a popping noise when I extend it. I know, can’t be a good sign.

But, I have decided, you know what? I am in this to be healthy, not skinny (though that would be a nice side prize!), and I AM healthy! I am one of the most healthy people I know. I eat right 90% of the time, I exercise, I set a great example for my boys. So effing what if I weigh too much. I’m over caring. I think the stress of thinking about it so much in combination with the stress of moving is making it worse.

So I hope all you chickies are having a GREAT day!! I promise I’ll be more positive from now on =]

I put all my bad energy to good use and knocked a HUGE dent in my packing. YAY. I totally have done a 180 from my mood this morning. OMG, can you sayhormones?

B: oats, brown sugar, blueberries
S: none
L: kashi roll, green tea, cottage cheese
S: greek yogurt, honey, strawberries

Day… uh… I have no idea!

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Today is a MUCH better day!! I had to get up early to take the hubby to work so I could keep the car (how the hell do people do this one car thing?! I am OVER it!). I ended up at the farmer’s market by 7 and got that out of the way. They had no honeydew and the pineapple was expensive (I bought one anyway), but the watermelon was CHEAP and it is SO good! I actually got so much I ran out of containers for it, so I tried a new recipe for watermelon lemonade. It was a last minute thing, so I didn’t have fresh lemon, only the bottle kind, and it was ok, but with fresh lemons? It would be delish! I am also still addicted to Greek yogurt, I just wish it weren’t so expensive. It’s like 2 bucks per serving. I got the cheapest strawberries, too, so I got a ton of them and has some in my yogurt with a little honey. YUM! Tonight the hubbs is having a couple Marines over for dinner and I am making lasagna (and sneaking in spinach and zucchini… shhhhh don’t tell!) with french bread and strawberry shortcake for dinner. My mouth is already watering. I heart lasagna.

I did almost 5 miles this morning (at least I think, I need to map it), and I would say I ran a third of it. It is SO hard to push that jogging stroller and try to maneuver it simultaneously. UGH. But, I got a great workout. Looking forward to tonights walk, too. I am trying to lose 3 pounds this week, which is totally doable if I can keep the food in check. Should be easy now that I have decent food.

Happy Wednesday, chickies!

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries, and a hardboiled egg
S: balance bare bar
L: greek yogurt, honey, strawberries, and some watermelon

Oh, and hungry4achange, yes, I still wear my bodybugg and yes, I still love it. It holds me accountable and makes me aware. I do wear mine all the time, except for in the shower and sometimes at night when I sleep, but I think there are places you can rent them and just use for a month or so to tweak your workouts and get a feel for what you should be doing. I pretty much have my body figured out now, and I don’t think I have had mine for even 4 weeks.


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Well today was weigh in, and I lost… nothing. I mean, I didn’t gain either, so that is good, but I was going to make this week MY week. Instead? I didn’t even log my food for like 3 days. We shopped all day on Sunday and so we ate out like twice (and once was BAD), then we had a party that night and I drank pina coladas and ate all the wheat thins plus dip, cheese, turkey I made for everyone else. Not to mention Saturday… bbq for lunch, some peanut m&m’s at the movie (Ice Age in 3D… pretty cute although a few questionable things were in it… try explaining what he meant by “turning t-rex into t-rachel” to a little kid. OY!) So, in conclusion, I only have myself to blame. I knew I was doing it, but I did it anyway. Oh, and of course, I hardly walked during those days either. Yesterday though I made a vow to be back, and I was! I ate really well and walked/ran in the morning and then took a short walk with the hubbs at night, plus took the boys swimming in the afternoon. I’m just going to focus on one day at a time. No more eating everything I burn!!

So we got new space saving beds at Ikea, for really great prices. I’m pretty stoked about that. And I bought some new dishes at Crate & Barrel and some silverware. Other than a few things, I think project declutter is just about done! I need to go through the boys bedrooms one more time and weed out any clothes that are too small or too old and get rid of them, and then I need to buy them new clothes for the fall. We’re getting so close. In just 2 weeks and 3 days we’ll be totally out of this house and on vaca til we leave. We’re thinking Disneyland will be a good place for a few days, and maybe going north to san francisco to sight see too. We’ll see. AND, my sisters are going to be here in 10 days, and then we’re off to Vegas, where my BFF is flying in to meet us for girls weeked! yay!

Alright, I need to go for my walk. 

B: oatmeal, brown sugar, blueberries, and a yogurt
S: rachels cottage cheese, cheese stick, part of lil man’s donut (WHY?)
L: turkey wraps
S: here goes… snickers energy bar, hardboiled egg, coconut ice bar, and some of lil man’s ritz crackers (GROSS!)
D: open faced tuna sandwich

So here I am at dinner time, and I have to eat something low calories because somehow in the last few days of being bad I have reverted back to my nasty, snacky ways. I am so mad at myself. Luckily I have been really active today, so I am not just sitting here eating. I think this is a self sabotage I have going on. I read an article about it the other day, and it was like they were writing about me. GRRRRR I was doing so well with my eating. I guess I will always be effed up. Another problem though, that isn’t my fault, is that we are out of healthy snacks here! I sold my car so we are a one car fam now, and the hubby had stuff to do for work today so he kept the car, meaning I couldn’t go to get any fresh fruits and veggies. I really eat a lot of fruit, and by a lot I mean both often and in large amounts! Luckily fruit is pretty low calorie. So tomorrow morning? I am going to get honeydew, watermelon, and pineapples for sure. I need them! I might go on a walk with the boys in a bit. I wanted to wait for the hubby, but he is still working and he probably won’t feel like a walk anyway as he had a long, crappy day. Boo!


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I’ll update later, but I thought this was an enlightening article…


Day 23

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Yesterday was a good day… I was riding high on my weight loss so far and the world was a great place. Until… I spied the tortilla chips. I had this crazy mad craving for them, and I had some homemade guac from the weekend in the fridge. So, I ate. And ate. And didn’t measure anything. GRRRRRRRR And it was right after lunch, like only an hour. My belly hurt and I didn’t end up making dinner til nearly 8pm, after our walk, cause I was so stuffed. I do NOT want to do that again 🙁 Good news is that with my 2 walks, I still had a 1000 calories deficit for the day, and that is what I aim for.

Today I want to get my AM walk in early (if that dang 6yo would ever get up!) because I have to go get my TB test checked, get the oil changed in my car and clean it (as it will be leaving me Friday morning… thanks for the 6 months, car!) and then the boys have dental appointments this afternoon. I don’t want a busy day to come between my walks! I only have two and a half weeks before my sisters are here and we are going to Vegas (damn it, it is going to happen! I am sick of missing out, and I want to go before I am 30!!), so I need to be in perfect little black dress form. I have noticed the chub on my outer thighs (aka saddlebags. ewwww) is going away! My inner thighs? They need some love for sure. Right now I am just going to concentrate on losing the bulk, and then I’ll try to shape it out later. I have so much muscle mass that I can do that and I’d still look toned! I keep saying I want to get back into pilates, but I never do it. I lost my favorite dvd (the hardest one in the history of the world, I swear it!) and I can’t remember who it is by, just what the cover looks like. Maybe I should just spend an hour on Amazon and get it. It toned me up so nicely, without all the bulk.

Okay, I need to go send my 4yo in to wake up the 6yo. Yes it’s 6:46 and summer break, but I’m evil like that! muahahahaha

B: oatmeal, soy protein, 50g banana
S: balance bar, venti nf latte
L:black bean wraps (2), pineapple, watermelon
S:snickers nutrition bar, fage strawberry yogurt (YUM!)
water: 50 oz

exercise: 1 hr walk AM

OMG, been on the go all day and I am so exhausted!!! Been trying to get the car ready for the in laws to take home on friday. It’s clean, armour-all’d, and oil changed. I also went to the store and got them healthy road trip food. How nice am I? And I did all that in between going to the Naval hospital and taking the men to the dentist. I am hard core. And… I bought frozen pizza for dinner. HA! I am wayyyyy to tired to cook. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll partake of the pizza. We’ll see how my walk tonight goes. I have already reached my calorie burn for today =]

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